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Latter-day Saint man who publicly opposed ‘sexually specific’ interviews excommunicated

SALT LAKE CITY — A former Texas bishop for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who publicly opposed “sexually explicit questions” in interviews between church leaders and youngsters used to be excommunicated Sunday for repeated “public opposition to the church,” consistent with a letter given to him by way of church leaders.

Sam Young’s club used to be got rid of from the information of the church following a disciplinary council in Houston final Sunday after church leaders gained experiences that Young had constantly acted in “clear, open and deliberate public opposition to the church and its leaders,” consistent with the attention Young used to be given by way of his church leaders, which he later posted to his blog.

The formal understand stated Young had, amongst different issues, “encouraged others to vote opposed to church leaders and organized more than one public ‘action’ that expressed opposition to the church or its leaders.”

Young said his Houston church leaders warned him in January that movements he had taken may endanger his status within the church. They then warned him once more, only a week ahead of Young started what he says used to be a 23-day starvation strike intended to oppose early life interviews with church leaders.

Young is the founder and director of Protect LDS Children, a company that has requested the church to modify its coverage on interviewing youngsters and early life to “no one-on-one interviews, no sexually explicit questions ever.”

Young has additionally led a number of marches and protests in Salt Lake to oppose the interviews and draw the eye of high-ranking church leaders — one in all whom spoke with him about his protest.

During the strike, Young known as the church’s place “insane” and classified it “the most extreme, unsafe church in America.” He additionally stated he would no longer sign up for the church as of late and inspired others no longer to sign up for. Young stated he used to be no longer opposed to the church or its leaders however used to be opposed to a coverage — even though he can see how some may just interpret what he’s doing as “opposition to the apostles,” consistent with the Deseret News.

Leaders within the church, regularly bishops, will behavior interviews with early life to provide suggest and steering and to evaluate worthiness for actions like baptism, coming into the church’s temples or serving a project.

The church specified its interview policy in March by way of pronouncing that youngsters and early life can carry an grownup in their opting for to a bishop’s interview. In June, the church released a standardized set of questions for bishops to make use of in interviews with early life. The church stated the interviews are supposed to supply private and religious enlargement for the early life. These questions can come with worthiness questions however must no longer “encourage curiosity or experimentation.”

One of the questions is, “Do you keep the law of chastity?”, which Young stated he believes is appropriate. He opposes, then again, 23 different “sexually explicit” questions that he stated some participants had been requested, consistent with a put up on his blog.

Young said he first became unhappy with the church’s coverage on early life interviews when he discovered that 4 of his six daughters have been requested detailed, “sexually explicit” questions, together with one when she used to be 12 years outdated.

He stated he posted on Facebook, asking if somebody else had skilled one thing an identical, and gained greater than three,000 tales.

Young accrued the ones tales and copied them into 15 certain books that he and other protesters delivered to a church spokeswoman in March. He requested her to ship the books to every of the participants of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency — the easiest governing frame of leaders within the church.

The church released a statement in July that, partly, stated, “Church leaders at each stage — from Sam’s native bishop and stake president to a up to date dialog with a normal authority — have met with him to specific love, to concentrate and to suggest with him. They have gained and reviewed his fabrics and perceive obviously his point of view.

“In recent months, the church has taken important steps to improve these interactions and to strengthen the relationships between young people and their parents and leaders, and will continue to do so.”

The church does no longer touch upon disciplinary councils like Young’s.Latter-day Saint man who publicly opposed 'sexually specific' interviews excommunicated

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Latter-day Saint man who publicly opposed 'sexually specific' interviews excommunicated Liesl Nielsen, KSL.com

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