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Why Some People Can Hear Silent GIF

An nameless reader stocks a BBC file: Some folks declare they may be able to pay attention a thudding sound when the pylon hits the ground and the picture vibrates. Last weekend, Dr Lisa DeBruine from the Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology on the University of Glasgow posted it on Twitter, asking her fans to explain whether they experienced any auditory sensations while watching it. One one who suffers from ringing ears spoke back: “I hear a vibrating thudding sound, and it also cuts out my tinnitus during the camera shake.” Others introduced explanations as to why. While any other recommended it will have one thing to do with correlated neuronal job: “The brain is ‘expecting/predicting’ what is coming visually and then fires a version of what it expects across the relevant senses. Also explains why some might ‘feel’ a physical shake.”

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