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‘Why I Use the IBM Model M Keyboard That’s Older Than I Am’


Slashdot reader yeokm1 just lately installed Linux on a 1993 PC. But in a brand new weblog put up he lists each keyboard he is owned over the closing 12 years — to provide an explanation for why he is now typing on a five.Three-pound Model M keyboard from 1987 that is older than he’s, “with its legendary buckling-spring switch.”
It’ll most probably last me the decades to the day that keyboards should become obsolete… It is unhappy that with all the developments in computing, the one piece of kit that we use the maximum to have interaction with our computer systems has regressed technologically in the identify of prices. We do not typically be expecting to be the usage of 30-year-old on a day by day productive foundation however the IBM Model M keyboard is that exception.

Today, I do not in point of fact care about fancy options like nice aesthetics, RGB backlights, media keys and additional USB ports. I simply want one thing that provides me nice tactile comments, be sturdy, allow me to simply change keys to suit my Programmer Dvorak layout. The Model M suits my wishes completely.
“Really can use this as a weapon,” the weblog put up jokes. There’s even a video “to show clicky sound difference” between two other variations of the Model M — and in true geek model, he even eliminates the casing screws to look whether or not the inside of had rivets or bolts.

The original submission drew a tip from long-time Slashdot reader Spazmania in accordance with his personal reports with the Model M. “The thing I most like? There are little plastic caps on the keys. When they get grimy I can pop them off and run them via the dishwasher.”

Any different Slashdot readers wish to proportion their very own reports with Model M keyboards?


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