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Who is Teresa Fidalgo? Debunking the fake ghost story that’s got Instagram spooked

It turns out that the web’s love of nostalgia extends past simply popular culture, with the Slender Man and duplicate paste ghost tales like Teresa Fidalgo getting a 2d wind this 12 months, however how did the useless lady story get started and is there a shred of reality to it?

“I am Teresa Fidalgo and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever,” the quote spammed at the backside of hundreds of Instagram photos this week fairly ambiguously warns.

“A girl ignored and her mom died 29 days later. You can even search me on google.” (sic)

Indeed you’ll seek Teresa on Google, regardless that her in depth seek effects don’t seem to be tantamount to her bodily lifestyles however extra a list of quite a lot of regurgitations and reworkings of a story that originates with Portuguese manufacturer David Rebordão’s viral video ‘A Curva’.


Aping Blair Witch Project, the discovered pictures brief sees a automobile of buddies riding in the mountains after they pick out up a hitchhiker going by means of the identify Teresa Fidalgo.

Mostly silent, the new passenger in the end issues to a place in the street forward of the automobile the place she “died”, with the digital camera panning again to her to turn her face all at once bloody prior to the automobile crashes.

While a lot of White Lady tales like this were dreamt up over the years, one thing about the specificity of ‘Teresa Fidalgo’ and her meant (however for sure phony) hyperlinks to an actual twist of fate that passed off on a Portuguese street have stuck the creativeness of easily-scared youngsters.


Teresa Dialog: Even ghosts are blighted by means of auto-correct


If commonplace sense does not succeed in the case of the concept of there being a teenage ghost with the supernatural talent to hang-out other people via social media regardless that, and the reality she is topic to auto-correct mistakes like the remainder of us (‘Teresa Dialog’ as she is going by means of on one percent) does not diminish her story whatsoever, take solice in the incontrovertible fact that Rebordão has admitted that the story is fake.

The director advised Channel TVI he was once very shocked by means of the story’s luck and longevity, and is looking for investment to make new scripted motion pictures.

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