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When Did TV Watching Peak?

An nameless reader writes: With Netflix and Amazon Prime, Facebook Video and YouTube, it is tempting to consider that the tech business destroyed TV. The international is greater than 25 years into the internet technology, in the end, greater than part of American families have had house Internet for 15 years, and the present smartphone paradigm started greater than a decade in the past. But no. Americans still watch an absolutely astounding amount of traditional television.

In truth, tv viewing did not height till 2009-2010, when the typical American family watched eight hours and 55 mins of TV according to day. And the ’00s noticed the best expansion in TV viewing time of any decade since Nielsen started preserving observe in 1949-1950: Americans watched 1 hour and 23 mins extra tv on the finish of the last decade than initially. Run the numbers and you can to find that 32 p.c of the rise in viewing time from the start of tv to its height befell within the first years of the 21st century.

Over the closing eight years, all of the new, non-TV issues — Facebook, telephones, YouTube, Netflix — have best minimize about an hour according to day from the dizzying quantity of TV that the typical family watches. Americans are nonetheless observing greater than 7 hours and 50 mins according to family according to day.

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