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What emergency items to pack before your Thanksgiving road trip


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SALT LAKE CITY — Thanksgiving week is all the time a prime go back and forth time for lots of Utahns who’re hitting the road to spend time with friends and family.

KSL manufacturers headed up to the University of Utah to quiz scholars about what emergency items they would pack within the automobile before heading house for the vacations.

“I’d put a lot of food!” University of Utah pupil Inakhshmi Rashid mentioned. Another pupil, Ryan Duane, agreed, “But definitely have enough food [and] water.” And to spherical out the ideas, one final pupil, Sia Suliafu, mentioned, “A lot of snacks because those are essentials.”

These ravenous scholars appear to have their priorities, however can they wager what’s on AAA’s travel preparedness list?

Several scholars learn off the record: “Flashlight with extra batteries, drinking water and preserved food, jumper cables, tire pressure gauges, heavy gloves, chemical heat sources, etc.”

Rashid admitted, “I literally wouldn’t have thought of any of these.”

Basic items integrated on AAA’s record come with a primary support equipment, blanket, ice scraper, further meals and water, gloves, a telephone charger and jumper cables.

AAA additionally encourages other folks to percentage their location with a circle of relatives member or good friend before hitting the road, and to obtain maps to your telephone when you lose mobile carrier, or pack a bodily map.

“Even outside my home neighborhood I lose service all the time, so that is super helpful,” Hilvitze mentioned.

Utah Department of Transportation spokesman John Gleason warns drivers to keep alert in rural spaces or lengthy stretches of road.

“They can lull you into a false sense of security,” Gleason said. “You’re driving. You’re at the same speed. There is not a lot that changes as far as scenery is concerned.”

Gleason urges drivers to be wary. “Things can happen, whether it’s a dog or wildlife running out into the road,” he mentioned.

Gleason additionally reminds drivers to get a variety of sleep the night time before they go away on a road trip. He says the results for using drowsy might be fatal for you or for different households at the road.

What emergency items to pack before your Thanksgiving road trip


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