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Utah company KT Tape in Olympic spotlight thanks to its adhesive tape

Bernat Armangue, Associated Press

Mirai Nagasu, of the United States, plays in the women unmarried skating loose skating in the Gangneung Ice Arena on the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea, on Monday, Feb. 12, 2018.

AMERICAN FORK — American determine skater Mirai Nagasu overjoyed enthusiasts along with her athleticism and artistry at the ice right through Monday’s Olympics protection, however her efficiency additionally raised questions about social media.

People have been fascinated with an atypical darkish coloring on her higher thigh. It became out to be KT Tape — made by way of a Utah company.

“I’m guessing she had a strain in that upper thigh area,” Greg Venner, CEO of KT Tape, stated of Nagasu.

Over the previous decade, KT Tape has grown in American Fork, doubling its trade in the previous 3 years.

KT Tape is the unique supplier of kinesiology tape for the U.S. Olympic group. The tape is normally used for shoulder and knee accidents. The USA-emblazoned blue tape is being utilized by some Winter Olympic athletes, together with some the usage of it in a singular means that stuck the eye of enthusiasts and the company.

KT Tape is elastic, adhesive sports activities tape that comes in brilliant colours. When carried out correctly, it is helping athletes take care of aches and pains of sentimental tissue accidents. The tape is bought in carrying items retail outlets, drug retail outlets and grocery retail outlets around the globe.

Venner stated the company is all about serving to athletes carry out at their highest.

“It will provide pain relief, but it will also provide support to soft tissue damage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints,” he stated.

The company sponsors a number of Winter Olympians and provides the entire U.S. group. KT Tape is utilized by skilled athletes, in addition to nonprofessionals, on their on a regular basis workout routines. The sports activities tape can continuously be observed on shoulder and knee accidents.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady used KT Tape a number of weeks in the past on his hand for his notorious thumb damage prior to the AFC Championship recreation.

Earlier this week, American alpine skier Ted Ligety attempted it on his face to try to fend off frostbite whilst touring 70 to 80 mph downhill right through frigid temperatures in Pyoengchang, South Korea.

“They are using it to protect their skin, and this is not really an application, so I consider this off-label,” Venner stated.

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The CEO known as Ligety’s tape utility “unusual” and stated his use of it isn’t one the company has totally researched but, however “athletes are very creative.”

KT Tape has get a hold of 55 programs, to this point. The company could also be in the early phases of researching the tape’s effectiveness as a windshield for frostbite.

But for any person who has attempted the usage of the tape in order to save you frostbite, Venner recommends doing away with it with child oil in order no longer to harm delicate pores and skin at the face.

“We know that we’re helping those elite athletes,” he stated, “That’s a real fulfillment of what we do.”

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