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Ultramar offers compensation after another fuel mix-up in Vars – Ottawa

Drivers normally pull into the Ultramar in Vars anticipating to get one of the most least expensive fuel in the capital area.
For Sandra Simard, a fill-up on the station off Highway 417 in southeast Ottawa is costing her hundreds of bucks in automotive maintenance.
She says diesel got here out of unleaded fuel pumps and she or he has the receipts to turn out it.
Simard is posting warnings on Facebook so motorists know the fuel mix-up extends past Prescott, Ont., to the south of the town.

Ultramar has admitted on Jan. 17 its Prescott fuel station pumps, simply off Highway 401, allotted diesel as an alternative of normal fuel. 
But Simard confronted the similar downside two days previous and now Ultramar confirms a identical mistake took place there.
‘I knew it was once dangerous fuel’
On Jan. 15, Simard stated she and her husband pulled into the Ultramar station on Burton Road and driven the button for superb grade unleaded fuel.
It value the couple $71 to replenish their tank. As they drove house their silver Acura began to sputter.
“It was like the engine wanted to stall. We were wondering what it was,” she stated. “We drove it a little bit. But the next day when I went to start it, it kept stalling.”

Drivers who bought fuel right here on Jan.15 can have crammed up with diesel as an alternative of fuel. (Simon Lasalle/ CBC News)

The day after the fill-up, Simard spotted the engine gentle got here on, so she instantly made an appointment together with her mechanic to test the automobile. 
It took her about 10 mins to pressure from her house to MD Auto Care in Limoges. By the time she were given there, her automobile was once as regards to general engine failure. 
Limoges mechanic Mathieu Daze stated to this point, two consumers have come to him with dangerous fuel issues. During an inspection of Simard’s automotive, Daze noticed black spark plugs and smelled the sturdy smell of diesel.
“I knew it was bad fuel,” he stated.
Daze tired 50 litres of diesel out of the Acura. He stated the wear to Simard’s automobile was once made worse each and every minute the automobile was once at the highway. 

Simard’s mechanic Matthieu Daze tired 50L of diesel from her automotive. She decided on Supreme unleaded from the Ultramar pump in Vars percent.twitter.com/WVlEav5f34—

“The diesel was so bad, there were no sparks. The diesel was going through the exhaust system and it caused the catalytic converters to block and it also clogged the oxygen sensors,” he stated.
“It [caused] a lot of damage.”
Simard is dealing with greater than $four,000 in maintenance. She additionally needed to take two days off paintings to maintain the issue. She stated she has known as Ultramar’s head place of business to hunt compensation however has but to listen to again.
Ultramar offers to pay
To bolster her declare, Simard has a pattern of the diesel extracted from her automotive and stated receipts display she bought superb fuel.
At the Ultramar station in Vars, diesel and fuel are allotted from obviously separated and standalone pumps
Ultramar stated a small quantity of diesel was once put into superb and common tanks in Prescott and Vars ultimate week.
As quickly as they discovered, the fuel stations had been close down and the tanks emptied and wiped clean, a spokesperson wrote in an emailed observation.
Anyone suffering from the mistake are requested to touch the fuel station with their receipt and invoices for any bills, comparable to towing and maintenance.
“We regret any inconvenience this caused our customers,” the observation reads.

Simard has receipts to turn it’s no longer motive force error. The fuel pumps at Vars Ultramar also are utterly become independent from the diesel pumps percent.twitter.com/ah0ZYxUH9l—


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