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Tunnels under Lehi High School to be demolished for remodel


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LEHI — The tunnels underneath Lehi High School will quickly be demolished to make means for a brand new remodel.

“It’s the service center. The heartbeat of the building,” Max Berry, Lehi High School facility supervisor of 28 years mentioned.

He’s speaking in regards to the tunnels.

Many don’t know the underground pathways exist under Lehi High School, except you’re a former scholar who has attempted to sneak thru them, or a trainer who has heard atypical sounds coming from them, after hours.

The tunnels are any place from three toes to 5½ toes in peak. They span all the campus of the college.

“They’ve been here since 1958,” Berry mentioned whilst pointing to an authentic pipe. “All the utilities are here. Newer construction puts them in the ceiling, but that’s not how they did it in the 1950s.”

Berry is going down into the tunnels once or more every week to test for leaks and alter filters.

“I have been inside these tunnels when the water is three feet high due to breakages,” Berry instructed KSL. “We would swim, wade, and work through it. Multiple district workers have witnessed that. But yet we were able to hold class. If we had a line break in the ceiling, the classroom would get wet. And that’s the downside.”

Russ Felt, who labored as Lehi High’s vice essential within the overdue 1970s and as essential within the 1980s, instructed KSL he considers himself to be an old-timer.

“Lehi has changed from a little place where everybody knew everybody to something quite large now,” Felt mentioned. “I had a difficult time thinking of American Fork as anything but a rival. And now we have another high school, Skyridge, right in Lehi.”

Tunnels under Lehi High School to be demolished for remodel
Photo: KSL TV

In 1980, Lehi City’s inhabitants used to be 6,848 in accordance to World Population Review. In 2017, the inhabitants totaled greater than 63,000.

To accommodate for the expansion, Lehi High School has skilled 4 additions/development tasks within the final 25 years.

Felt recollects what he calls a more practical time.

“There was the bakery downtown. The Tuckett family owned the place. I would tease students by saying, ‘How bad do you want to graduate? I better have a jelly doughnut from (the) Tucketts.’”

Felt chuckled, “After doughnuts and a lot of hard work… they graduated.”

The tunnels exhibit their age. Remnants of emergency provides left over from the Cold War are stacked prime.

“Many of those things have to do with bomb shelters and were to prepare us if there was ever a global attack,” Felt mentioned.

Tunnels under Lehi High School to be demolished for remodel
Photo: KSL TV

Phase-1 of demolition starts in two weeks.

A phase-2 undertaking to demolish the present gyms and auditorium will start in two years.

Berry instructed KSL the undertaking must be finished come 2022.

“It’s tricky because we will continue to educate students through the construction phases.”

For 24-year soccer and wrestling trainer Dan Rice, he seems ahead to a bigger fitness center.

“I will miss the historic gym, but we desperately need a larger facility,” Rice mentioned.

Rice mentioned nobody instructed him in regards to the tunnels when he began educating.

“I actually found the tunnels because a kid was sluffing, and I went after him. He went into the boy’s locker room and disappeared,” Rice mentioned. “You used to be able to go into the tunnels from the boy’s varsity locker room. Then you could sneak out toward the football field.”

It’s been an break out direction to sluffing, the house of a basic heating and cooling device, and the subject of masses of news from just about six a long time.

“I have been in my wrestling office and heard stuff moving around late at night. No one was there when I went to check, but I did hear voices from the tunnels,” Rice mentioned.

Numerous scholars consider a ghost haunts the upkeep tunnels. Stories, that many name folklore, will quickly don’t have any tangible proof.

The north aspect of the college, together with the tunnels on that finish, will be demolished July 1.


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