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Trump vs. Merkel: Blistering Salvo Meets Quiet Rejoinder

“We have a very, very good relationship with the chancellor, we have a tremendous relationship with Germany,” Mr. Trump mentioned. “We’re having a great meeting. We’re discussing military expenditure, we’re talking about trade.” Noting Germany’s “tremendous success,” Mr. Trump added, “I believe that our trade will increase and lots of other things will increase, but we’ll see what happens.”

Asked if the pipeline factor had arise, Mr. Trump mentioned that it had. For her phase, Ms. Merkel was once nonconfrontational. “I am pleased to have this opportunity to be here for this exchange of views,” she mentioned, which prolonged to economics, migration and “the future of our trade relations.”

She concluded: “We are partners, we are good partners, and wish to continue to cooperate in the future.”

Mr. Trump were promoting his purpose to learn the Riot Act to NATO allies about army spending, calling Americans “the schmucks that are paying for the whole thing” and vowing closing week: “I’m going to tell NATO — you got to start paying your bills. The United States is not going to take care of everything.”

But his animus towards Germany, which spends about 1.24 p.c of its G.D.P. on protection and has a big business surplus with the United States, got here out in fierce and startling phrases. Mr. Trump has steadily criticized Germany for what he has described as the superiority of German-made automobiles on American streets and for benefiting from American largess to spend much less on protection and extra on schooling and social welfare. He has threatened the European Union with new price lists on imported automobiles, in addition to the ones already imposed on metal and aluminum.

But within the conferences on Wednesday, Mr. Trump framed his grievance in safety phrases.

“I have to say, I think it’s very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia where we’re supposed to be guarding against Russia,” Mr. Trump went on. “We’re supposed to protect you against Russia, but they’re paying billions of dollars to Russia and I think that’s very inappropriate.”

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline mission has been adverse by means of the United States for a few years, together with underneath President Barack Obama, in addition to by means of some European nations, like Poland, that warn it is going to give Russia an excessive amount of leverage.

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