Nothing about Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer’s regimen is typical.

He’s the dude who loves to throw foul-pole-to-foul-pole long toss at the day of his begins. So, it will have to come as no marvel that his offseason throwing routine is similarly as loopy.

But guy, Bauer has a cannon.

Driveline Baseball shared this video on Wednesday of Bauer hitting 116.nine mph with a blistering throw. That velocity used to be excellent for a facility report.

Of route, there used to be a catch. Bauer had a couple of 5 step working get started and used to be throwing with a three-ounce ball. A typical MLB baseball is ready five.25 oz.. Still, despite the fact that, 116.nine mph is bonkers. And Trevor Bauer used to be ready to make a projectile trip at 116.nine mph along with his arm. That’s spectacular regardless of the run up and weight of the ball.

That run-up pitch will have to be allowed too. He does follow it.


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