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Toyota Is Losing the Electric Car Race, So It Pretends Hybrids Are Better


Ben Jervey from DeSmogBlog writes about how Toyota is “using questionable logic” to claim hybrid vehicles are superior than electric vehicles, when in truth it is just pronouncing that as it determined years in the past to spend money on gasoline-electric hybrids and gas cells in the longer term as a substitute of battery manufacturing. This resolution is now coming again to hang-out them. From the document: There are a minimum of 12 automobile firms lately promoting an all-electric car in the United States, and Toyota is not one in every of them. Despite admitting just lately that the Tesla Model three on my own is responsible for half of Toyota’s customer defections in North America — as Prius drivers transition to all-electric — the corporate has been an outspoken laggard in the race to electrification. Now, the corporate is the usage of questionable common sense to try to justify its state of being inactive on electrification, claiming that its restricted battery capability higher serves the planet by means of generating gasoline-electric hybrids. For years, Toyota management has refrained from funding in all-electric automobiles, laying out a extra conservative method to “electrify” its fleet — necessarily doubling down on hybrids and plug-in hybrids — as a bridge to a long run technology of hydrogen gas cellular automobiles. As Tesla, Nissan, and GM have led the technological shift to totally battery electrical automobiles, Toyota has publicly bashed the possibilities of all-electric fleets. (See, for example, the swipe the corporate took at plug-in automobiles in this recent Toyota Corolla Hybrid commercial.)

Last week, at the Geneva Auto Show, a Toyota govt equipped a curious reason for the corporate’s refusal to release a unmarried battery electrical car. As Car and Driver reported, Toyota claims that it’s restricted by means of battery manufacturing capability and that “Toyota is able to produce enough batteries for 28,000 electric vehicles each year — or for 1.5 million hybrid cars.” In different phrases, as a result of Toyota has overlooked to spend money on battery manufacturing, it could best produce sufficient batteries for a trivial choice of all-electric automobiles. Due to this self-inflicted capability scarcity, the corporate is compelled to choose from production 1.five million hybrids or 28,000 electrical automobiles. Using what Car and Driver referred to as “fuzzy math,” the corporate attempted to justify the method to forgo electrical automobiles (EVs) on environmental grounds. As Toyota defined it, “selling 1.5 million hybrid cars reduces carbon emissions by a third more than selling 28,000 EVs.” As for the “fuzzy math,” Toyota’s calculation “seems to assume that for every hybrid sold, a fully gasoline-powered car would be taken off the road,” writes Jervey. “In truth, many Toyota hybrid patrons are changing a Toyota hybrid. And, in accordance with Toyota’s own revelation that they’re dropping Prius drivers to Tesla, it stands to explanation why that many Toyota hybrid drivers would soar at the alternative to transition to an all-electric Toyota.”


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