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This week in Mormon Land: What’s this? The LDS Church doesn’t want donations?

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This week’s podcast: Scouting’s long run — does it also have one? — with out the LDS Church

The LDS Church is divorcing itself from the Boy Scouts of America. This breakup is certain to have a profound impact not only on the faith — which was once Scouting’s biggest chartering sponsor, particularly in Utah and the Intermountain West — but in addition at the longtime early life group itself. How a lot smaller will Scouting get? Will LDS girls and boys persist with or sign up for this system? How a lot will it value? What occurs to all the ones camps? Will Scouting even live to tell the tale? Mark Griffin, a Scout govt with the Great Salt Lake Council, solutions the ones query and extra on “Mormon Land.”

It’s now not continuously charity tells attainable donors: “Don’t give us any more money. We have enough.”

But that’s necessarily what the LDS Church is urging participants who want to give a contribution on-line to the religion’s Perpetual Education and Temple Patron Assistance finances.

When Mormons attempt to pay their tithing or make different donations via their accounts on lds.org, they’re going to understand the ones two finances are lacking from the record.

“The generosity of church members and others has led to sufficient levels of donated funds to the Perpetual Education Fund and the Temple Patron Assistance Fund,” states a message on the website. “As a result, members are encouraged to select other categories for their ongoing donations.”

Of path, Latter-day Saints can nonetheless kick in money towards the ones techniques via their wards and branches, however many participants this present day make their contributions by means of the web.

The patron fund is helping deficient participants duvet prices related to making an attempt to achieve sometimes-faraway temples to obtain ordinances that may be administered handiest in the ones edifices.

Historic partnership with NAACP takes root

Now, just about 40 years after that prohibition was once lifted, the NAACP and the church don’t seem to be handiest on talking phrases however pleasant ones as smartly.

On May 17, the 64th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling, best NAACP leaders met with the governing LDS First Presidency in a historic Salt Lake City summit.

The two teams vowed to paintings in combination on humanitarian and academic projects whilst calling at the international to show off extra civility, cohesion and mutual admire.

LDS Church President Russell M. Nelson invited “all people, organizations and governments to blot out “prejudice of all kinds” and concentrate on the “many areas and interests that we all have in common.”

NAACP President Derrick Johnson praised the church’s “good-faith efforts to bless not only its members, but people throughout the United States and, indeed, the world. … We invite all people and organizations to follow our mutual example in coming together and finding ways to work in harmony.”

An intruder broke into the St. George LDS Temple via a window early May 12 and made his method as much as the 5th ground, destructive art work and furnishings alongside the way in which, earlier than he was once contained via temple staff and arrested via police.

Jordan River Temple — it’s again

One of Mormonism’s busiest temples has been anything else however that for greater than two years. But trade quickly will select up once more.

The Jordan River Temple, closed since February 2016 to go through an intensive makeover, will likely be rededicated May 20.

The Mother of all moms

In truth, even religious Latter-day Saints battle to indicate to chapter-and-verse scriptural make stronger for this doctrine.

This time, it released an analysis, ready via the Salt Lake City legislation company Kirton McConkie, that warned of felony penalties the Beehive State may face if citizens greenlight clinical marijuana. But a libertarian workforce sees the church’s felony research extra as a political hit piece than a honest effort to advance the general public discourse.

New debate in MTC sexual abuse go well with

McKenna Denson made headlines around the globe when she sued the LDS Church and a former Missionary Training Center president, alleging that the MTC chief raped her whilst she was once a missionary on the Provo facility in 1984. But legal professionals for the church and Joseph L. Bishop, accused of the attack, argue that the go well with will have to be tossed out. Why? She waited too long to sue; the statute of barriers has expired. Of path, Denson’s felony workforce sees it in a different way.

In God, now not guy, we accept as true with

So how do Mormons stay their religion in their religion when a relied on LDS chief sexually abuses a member of his congregation? Truth is, they continuously don’t. McKenna Denson, for one, the accuser in the MTC case, misplaced hers. Others, although, arrange to stay with their God and their church.

Vaughn J. Featherstone, 1931-2018

Vaughn J. Featherstone, an established LDS common authority who enthusiastically led Mormon youths, oversaw the church’s budget and wrote a dozen or so books designed to encourage emerging generations, died at age 87.

“Like the Latter-day Saints, we believe all people, organizations and government representatives should come together to work through how to secure peace and happiness for all God’s children. Unitedly, we call on all people to work in greater harmony, civility and respect for the beliefs of others to achieve this supreme and universal goal.”

—Derrick Johnson, NAACP president

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