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The Story of an Afghan Baby Named Donald Trump

But the hoped-for excellent success has but to seem. If anything else, the naming selection has handiest added to the circle of relatives’s misfortune.

The choice to provide the kid a non-Muslim identify angered Mr. Assadullah’s family members such a lot that the circle of relatives not felt welcome of their village in Daikundi, and moved to a condominium house in Kabul.


Donald Trump’s Afghan id report.

Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times

“I was reading Trump’s books,” Mr. Assadullah stated in an interview in Kabul, because the younger Donald Trump sat in his lap, his little hands clinging to his father’s telephone. “I read his book ‘How to Get Rich.’ Then I read about his background: about how he built the Trump Tower, how he became the leader of the party. I understood that he is a hardworking man. I thought if I name my son Donald Trump, then it will affect my son’s personality, his behavior.”

Mr. Assadullah stated the rapid bodily resemblance handiest helped in his conviction.

“When my son was born, his hair was completely blonde, and it matched Trump’s hair,” he stated. “So when I saw his hair, I thought, ‘I will name him Trump.’ ”

For 10 days after the infant used to be born, he didn’t have any identify. Traditionally, the grandparents get a primary say at the identify, and the infant’s oldsters play alongside. Mr. Assadullah sought after to wreck with custom, however his destroy used to be one of these bounce that he may no longer convey himself to inform the circle of relatives. At least Jamila, his spouse, agreed with him.

When Mr. Assadullah’s choice changed into public, his circle of relatives first ridiculed him. Then the ridicule changed into anger.

“When I named my son Donald Trump, they were not happy,” Mr. Assadullah stated. “They told me, ‘How you can select the name of an infidel for your son?’ ”

“So the relations with my family were not good after that,” he persisted. “My father is an angry man. He told me that he could not tolerate the fact that I call my son Donald Trump. So I left and moved my family to Kabul.”

The tale of younger Donald Trump, who’s a 12 months and a part previous now, had in large part remained personal even after the circle of relatives’s transfer to Kabul. But not too long ago, a replica of the boy’s nationwide ID began circulating on social media. Mr. Assadullah stated it used to be put out through staff of the inhabitants registration division with out his permission.


Pashto-language translations of books written through Donald J. Trump and Vladimir V. Putin, amongst others, in a bookshop frequented through scholars in Kabul.

Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times

At the federal government place of job in Kabul answerable for verifying IDs from different provinces, Mr. Assadullah stated he used to be handled with disrespect. He used to be even threatened with being despatched to the Afghan intelligence company for wondering, all in favour of naming his son Donald Trump.

“When I went there, the employees of the department saw the name and they asked me, ‘What is this? Donald Trump?’ I said yes, is there any problem?” Mr. Assadullah stated. “They looked at me funny, and they were saying, ‘look, he named his son Donald Trump — what culture-less people.’ I told them their job is only to confirm the ID card.”

Critics say Mr. Assadullah named his son for the president to attract consideration to himself and search asylum in another country. But he rejected that concept, announcing he by no means sought after his kid’s identification to be so public.

Since information of younger Donald Trump’s identify unfold, every other circle of relatives has come ahead with a equivalent story. Ghulam Ali Paiman, additionally from Shahristan in Daikundi, says he had twins just about two years in the past and named one kid Vladimir Putin and the second one Barack Hussein Obama. But there used to be a confrontation: His spouse had sought after to call the second one kid Trump.

His tale, on the other hand, used to be laborious to ensure.

Mr. Paiman despatched The New York Times copies of what he stated had been medical institution beginning certificate, however they had been issued this week, just about two years after the beginning of the twins. The medical institution director showed issuing the hot beginning certificate, however stated he couldn’t to find kids with the ones names born two years in the past.

Traditionally, maximum households identify their kids at the 6th day — lengthy after they have got left the medical institution, in the event that they had been delivered in a medical institution in any respect.

Independent verification of Mr. Paiman’s tale may no longer be discovered.

“It is the first time I am hearing these twins named Trump and Putin,” stated Shafaq Yaqoobi, the district governor of Shahristan. “I know the father. I have never heard from him or anyone else that he named his twins Trump and Putin.”

“But I have heard about Donald Trump,” he added, “whose father is Sayed Assadullah.”

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