Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and J.J. Watt each figure out laborious for his or her jobs. The result’s that they are insanely large other people. These guys are ripped.

It seems that no longer handiest are they ripped, additionally they textual content each other on account of their an identical frame varieties. In a pair hilarious tweets, Johnson and Watt published that they proportion the similar downside of discovering jeans that will fit their massive quads.


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Johnson known as them “quadzillas,” and Watt added that the texts were not “glamorous,” it was once simply that “when a guy’s gotta find some jeans, he’s gotta find some jeans.”

Now I am simply hoping one in all them tweets out a screengrab of the texts.

I’ve such a lot of questions.

How did Watt get started the messages? Was it identical to, “Hey Rock, what jeans do you wear?” Had they been texting each other sooner than this? How repeatedly did they communicate sooner than Watt felt at ease sufficient to invite about jean manufacturers?

Also, has somebody instructed Saquon Barkley about this newsletter thread that Watt and Johnson have about jeans for the reason that Giants rookie who also has giant legs may find the guidelines helpful.


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