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The NBA released its full 2018-19 schedule as of late. Here’s the Jazz’s slate.

Get your calendars able.

The NBA released its season schedule for the 2018-19 season on Friday afternoon, and the Salt Lake Tribune were given a sneak peek at who the Jazz play and when.

* Gordon Hayward, together with the remainder of the Boston Celtics, will go back to Vivint Arena on Nov. nine in a nationally-televised contest.

* The Jazz will play on ABC on Saturday Feb. nine, taking up the San Antonio Spurs in Salt Lake City at three p.m. MT.

* LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will make their first consult with to Vivint Arena on Jan. 11, and once more on Mar. 27.

The Jazz’s selection of back-to-backs has been decreased to 14 this season after dealing with 16 pairs ultimate yr.

The Jazz will play 17 nationally televised video games: 8 on ESPN, 3 on TNT, and 6 on NBATV. That quantity may building up or lower all over the season as the NBA is permitting the networks to flexibly schedule video games extra often this season.

Once once more, the early season stretch for the Jazz might be tough. 16 of the first 24 video games for the Jazz might be on the highway from October thru Dec. 2. Then, the Jazz go back house to stand a troublesome gauntlet of fighters, together with San Antonio, Houston, Golden State, Oklahoma City, Portland, and Philadelphia in December. It’s no longer slightly as tough as ultimate yr’s December schedule, nevertheless it’s shut.

But the finish of the season is beautiful favorable to Utah. 11 of the Jazz’s ultimate 12 fighters didn’t make the playoffs ultimate season, although you’d determine Denver and Los Angeles will enhance after their offseasons.

And whilst the Jazz play maximum Western Conference fighters 4 occasions, they simply have to stand those groups 3 times: the Golden State Warriors, the New Orleans Pelicans, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Los Angeles Clippers. That might be rather of a reduction.

This tale might be up to date.

Here’s the full schedule:

Date Opponent H/A Time (MT)
10/17 SAC Away eight:00 PM
10/19 GSW Home eight:30
10/22 MEM Home 7:00
10/24 HOU Away 6:00
10/27 NOP Away five:00
10/28 DAL Away five:00
10/31 MIN Away 6:00
11/2 MEM Home 7:00
11/three DEN Away 7:00
11/five TOR Home 7:00
11/7 DAL Home 7:00
11/nine BOS Home 7:30
11/12 MEM Away 6:00
11/14 DAL Away 6:30
11/16 PHI Away five:00
11/17 BOS Away five:30
11/19 IND Away five:00
11/21 SAC Home 7:00
11/23 LAL Away eight:30
11/25 SAC Away four:30
11/26 IND Home 7:00
11/28 BKN Away five:30
11/30 CHA Away five:00
12/2 MIA Away four:00
12/four SAS Home 7:00
12/6 HOU Home eight:30
12/nine SAS Away 6:30
12/10 OKC Away 6:00
12/12 MIA Home 7:00
12/15 ORL Away (Mexico) three:00
12/17 HOU Away 6:00
12/19 GSW Home 7:00
12/21 POR Away eight:00
12/22 OKC Home 7:00
12/25 POR Home eight:30
12/27 PHI Home eight:30
12/29 NYK Home 6:00
1/1 TOR Away five:30
1/four CLE Away five:30
1/five DET Away five:00
1/7 MIL Away 6:00
1/nine ORL Home 7:00
1/11 LAL Home eight:00
1/12 CHI Home eight:30
1/14 DET Home 7:00
1/16 LAC Away eight:30
1/18 CLE Home 7:00
1/21 POR Home 7:00
1/23 DEN Home eight:30
1/25 MIN Home 7:00
1/27 MIN Away five:00
1/30 POR Away eight:30
2/1 ATL Home 7:00
2/2 HOU Home eight:30
2/6 PHX Home 7:00
2/nine SAS Home three:00
2/12 GSW Away eight:30
2/22 OKC Away 7:30
2/23 DAL Home eight:30
2/27 LAC Home 7:00
2/28 DEN Away 7:00
three/2 MIL Home 7:00
three/four NOP Home 7:00
three/6 NOP Away 6:00
three/eight MEM Away 6:00
three/11 OKC Home 7:00
three/13 PHX Away eight:00
three/14 MIN Home 7:00
three/16 BKN Home 7:00
three/18 WAS Away five:00
three/20 NYK Away five:30
three/21 ATL Away five:30
three/23 CHI Away 6:00
three/25 PHX Home 7:00
three/27 LAL Home eight:30
three/29 WAS Home 7:00
four/1 CHA Home 7:00
four/three PHX Away eight:00
four/five SAC Home 7:00
four/7 LAL Away 7:30
four/nine DEN Home 7:00
four/10 LAC Away eight:30

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