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Telstra bumps up HFC speeds

Telstra bumps up HFC speeds

Customers on Telstra’s HFC community get a slight pace spice up for uploads just by rebooting their cable modems.

If you are a buyer on Telstra’s HFC network, it is nearly unquestionably value energy biking your cable modem, as a lot of consumers have reported an unadvertised improve in speeds, maximum significantly for add speeds to be had at the community.

Telstra’s usual Cable HFC broadband products and services be offering standard obtain speeds of up to 30Mbps down, or up to 100Mbps down if a Speed Boost pack is bought at further price, however uploads are normally capped at underneath 1Mbps for normal customers, or 2Mbps in case you are at the Speed Boost plan.

Numerous stories surfaced ultimate week (together with this one at Gizmodo) that Telstra had fairly quietly advanced issues at the community, with consumers reporting an uptick of their add speeds to round 5Mbps.

We’ve examined this on a suburban HFC connection and will ascertain that unplugging the ability, ready a minute after which plugging it once more did certainly build up the road add pace. Some consumers also are reporting a slight spice up in obtain speeds, despite the fact that that would range so much relying on congestion components on your HFC house.

While consumers on upper tier NBN plans can reach a lot upper add speeds, it is a neat spice up to have should you’ve been suffering to ship higher information on a Telstra HFC plan. Telstra hasn’t made any legit announcement concerning the unexpected pace bump, however we now have reached out to peer if there is any legit place at the improve, or if it is only a delightful aspect impact of labor at the HFC community itself.

The Telstra HFC community is within the technique of being reconfigured to be used at the National Broadband Network, with nbn co ultimate week after all liberating main points of when consumers within the HFC house can be expecting to have products and services commissioned, or, in some circumstances, the place they are amongst the 440,000 homes switching to a FTTC connection.

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