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Team Rubicon volunteers return to Utah after hurricane cleanup work

Team Rubicon volunteers return to Utah after hurricane cleanup work

Courtesy Bob Toth

By Sean Moody, KSL TV
 |  Posted Oct 21st, 2018 @ 12:12pm


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SALT LAKE CITY – Team Rubicon volunteers from Utah are getting back from a weeklong project to the Carolinas to assist with cleanup efforts from Hurricane Florence.

Bob Toth, Utah administrator for Team Rubicon, mentioned 15 volunteers from Utah went to quite a lot of puts in North Carolina and South Carolina that have been flooded when the hurricane hit in September.

Toth mentioned they have been shocked through how little cleanup work were carried out sooner than they arrived.

“You would go into somebody’s house and it had been sitting like that for three weeks. They hadn’t even had a chance to get in there to do anything. That was the thing that really blew me away,” he mentioned.

Toth spent per week in Lumberton, North Carolina. Teams helped transparent properties out and do demolition work. He mentioned with out the volunteers the work may have value other folks 1000’s of bucks.

A large number of the folk, Toth mentioned, had no flood insurance coverage and no longer some huge cash to pay out of pocket.

“This area, the average annual income is $29,000,” he mentioned.

Even via all that had came about to them, Toth mentioned other folks attempted to stay their spirits up. He discussed a 76-year-old girl who mentioned, “Well, it took two hurricanes for me to finally realize that I need to whittle my stuff down.”

“The resiliency of the human spirit is always what gets me,” Toth mentioned.

As Toth settles in again to day-to-day existence right here in Utah, he nonetheless thinks concerning the other folks again in North Carolina and whomever it’s Team Rubicon will assist subsequent.

“You’re always waiting for the next one,” Toth mentioned. “Once you kind of get that bug, you want to keep going.”

Toth mentioned Team Rubicon volunteers are getting referred to as out extra continuously thank you to excessive climate. He would love to see extra volunteers in Utah as they look forward to extra assignments.

“We’ve seen lots of burn scars. We know that there’s going to be some flood mitigation down the road. There’s definitely going to be some fire mitigation that we’re going to get involved with,” he mentioned.

If you are inquisitive about volunteering with Team Rubicon, discuss with teamrubiconusa.org.

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Team Rubicon volunteers return to Utah after hurricane cleanup work Sean Moody, KSL TV

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