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Supreme Court Backs Award of Overseas Patent Damages

schwit1 quotes a record from Reuters: The U.S. Supreme Court dominated on Friday that businesses can recover profits lost because of the unauthorized use of their patented technology abroad in a victory for Schlumberger NV, the sector’s biggest oilfield products and services supplier. The choice expands the facility of patent house owners to recuperate foreign-based damages, expanding the danger posed through sure infringement court cases within the United States.

Internet-based corporations and others had expressed worry that extending patent damages past nationwide borders would divulge U.S. high-technology companies to larger patent-related dangers out of the country. U.S. patent regulation typically applies best regionally, however Schlumberger stated that because the regulation protects towards infringement that happens when elements of a patented invention are equipped from the U.S. for meeting out of the country, it must be absolutely compensated for the infringement, together with any misplaced international gross sales. The excessive court docket agreed.

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