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Some Birds Are Excellent Tool-Makers

brindafella writes: Veterinary scientists from Viena have proven that Goffin’s cockatoos can do a very good process of remaking cardboard into tools to get rewards. This follows on from previous experiments with the New Caledonian crow that may make a selection equipment for its functions. So, birds are undoubtedly now not “bird-brained.” “[The study] tells us that the cockatoos’ thoughts is very versatile and that they are able to adjust their option to an issue to be able to save effort,” stated Alice Auersperg, a cognitive biologist on the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and lead writer of the paper.

The Australian Broadcast Company explains how the find out about used to be performed: “[S]ix trained birds were given a piece of cardboard and placed in front of a cage that had food accessible through a small hole, but placed at different distances away. The birds used their beak to cut strips of cardboard they then used to reach the food. Importantly, when the food was close, the birds made a shorter strip. When it was far away, they made a longer strip. But when the researchers made the hole in the cage smaller, only one of the birds was able to fashion their cardboard tool to be narrow enough to fit through the hole. The successful bird was the only female in the group, and the researchers think she was able to do this because her beak was small enough to make a narrow tool.”

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