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‘Plugspreading’ is an Abomination – Slashdot

Mark Serrels, writing for CNET: A person [on a train], a human guy as he lives and breathes, has put his bag, his silly goddamn bag at the seat. He thinks his bag is extra vital than your buttcheeks. Than your drained legs. He is undermining your proper to relaxation the ones legs, to plank the ones weary buttcheeks on a seat. This educate is busy. He is a foul particular person. He does not care. This is a metaphor. In this metaphor the horrible guy-particular person is a tech corporate. The bag is their horrible plug. A plug that is not content with taking up one slot on your powerboard, but needs two. Not for energy, oh no. It simply desires the distance to… christ, I have no idea. Mess together with your day? Piss you off? Make your existence worse? Stop you from plugging an further software into your powerboard for no goddamn explanation why. Jesus wept. I name this phenomenon “plugspreading” and it is an abomination. […] This is dangerous behaviour. This is an issue. That 2d socket was once blameless guy, it was once collateral harm. He did not anything to deserve this. You ruined its existence, starved that socket of its function, its explanation why for present. Plugspreading is far and wide. It’s a illness.

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