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‘People against gun control haven’t been shot at’

US gun laws

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The gun control debate within the United States isn’t going away.

On 24 March, 1000’s of folks will descend on Washington DC challenging stricter regulations round purchasing weapons.

The protest follows a school shooting in Florida the place 17 folks have been killed.

But in a rustic the place there are nearly as many guns as people, no longer everybody desires stricter controls.

Newsbeat has spoken to 4 folks with other connections to the gun debate to check out to determine why there may be such war of words round proudly owning weapons in America.

‘I survived the Florida college capturing’

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Lewis Mizen

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Lewis is a pupil at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Lewis Mizen is at the beginning from Coventry and primary moved to Parkland, Florida, 9 years in the past.

The 17-year-old is a pupil at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and misplaced 17 classmates and lecturers within the Valentine’s Day capturing there.

He says college shootings are certainly one of America’s “biggest failings” however nonetheless helps the second one modification – that is the proper to “bear arms”, or personal weapons, defined in the USA charter.

“I’m perfectly happy with people owning handguns to protect themselves,” Lewis says.

“I am OK with them proudly owning weapons, I am OK with them sporting weapons of their automobile, I am OK with them having it on them.

“It’s no longer the one nation on this planet the place folks personal weapons”, he says. “But it’s the most effective nation the place it is more straightforward for me to shop for a gun than it’s to shop for spray paint.”

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Flowers outdoor Majory Stoneman Douglas High School the place 17 folks have been shot lifeless

Lewis says a few of his gun-owning pals have had their views modified for the reason that capturing at his highschool.

“That shows that you can make change,” he says.

Lewis might be becoming a member of the march in Washington DC on Saturday as a part of the Never Again marketing campaign.

“A large number of the people who find themselves sticking to their weapons, pronouncing they do not wish to see alternate, haven’t skilled the rest like this.

“One of the explanations the motion has been a hit to this point is as a result of we are making folks realise what it is like to head thru this.”

‘My sister used to be killed at Dunblane’

Andrew Ross, who is 19, wasn’t even born when his sister Joanna, 5, used to be killed by way of a gunman at Dunblane number one college close to Stirling.

Families of the ones killed effectively campaigned for handguns to be banned in England, Scotland and Wales after the capturing, which killed 16 youngsters and their trainer.

“I do not take into account the rest as a result of there used to be not anything to bear in mind unfortunately,” Andrew informed Newsbeat.

“For me it is been a case of studying about her – what sort of child she used to be, what persona she had and what she used to be into.”

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Andrew Ross

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Andrew’s sister Joanna used to be certainly one of 17 killed by way of a gunman at Dunblane Primary in 1996

Andrew says he’d like to look a complete ban on weapons in America however believes it would possibly not occur “with the amount of people that defend guns over there”.

“Restrictions are a good place to start though. I reckon if they start bringing in a couple of rules, they can build on them and bring in a total ban further down the line”.

He additionally thinks President Trump’s recommendation of coaching college workforce to deal with weapons would finally end up “making more of a problem”.

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Andrew Ross

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Andrew along with his older sister Ali. He by no means were given to grasp Joanna, who died ahead of he used to be born

Andrew’s hoping to wait Saturday’s March for Our Lives in Edinburgh, arrange in harmony with the Never Again campaign.

His mum used to be fascinated by campaigning for gun regulations to switch in the United Kingdom – again then he says it used to be all about handing out flyers and petitions.

“It’s even more admirable in my opinion that it’s young people that are doing the campaigning [in America] and they’re not getting shut down by adults.”

'People against gun control haven't been shot at'

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Media captionWTF: America’s obsession with weapons is not going any place. Newsbeat explores why.

‘I consider in the fitting to shield my existence’

Amanda Krp is 23-years-old and lives in Orlando, Florida.

She’s a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and believes the solution “is what our founding fathers figured out a long time ago – arm the people”.

Amanda hunts animals and tells Newsbeat she additionally enjoys practicing her “marksmanship skills”.

Her dad’s a police officer and he or she says she used to be taught the accountable use of firearms from a tender age.

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Amanda Krp

“Honestly, I want there have been no dangerous guys, no crime and no explosions on this planet.

“But the truth is there are dangerous folks, and there are criminals.

“Because of my dad’s occupation, I’ve heard such a lot of tales and witnessed first-hand the evil on this planet.

“And as a result of that, I consider in the fitting to shield my existence and my belongings,” she says.

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Amanda Krp

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Amanda on a up to date looking shuttle the place she shot a turkey

Amanda believes long run tragedies may also be avoided by way of ensuring “prohibited people”, similar to the ones with psychological well being issues, wouldn’t have get entry to to weapons.

“So-called ‘attack guns’ are the purposeful similar of thousands and thousands of often held rifles utilized in looking, pageant, and recreation capturing.

“They are not more deadly than different rifles,” she says.

‘I hunt with a gun to feed my circle of relatives’

Caroline is 25 and from North Carolina. She’s an authorized accountant however her favorite spare time activities are looking and fishing.

She were given her first gun as a gift from her folks when she used to be seven – a double-barrelled shotgun.

“If you develop up in a looking circle of relatives that is beautiful customary,” she tells Newsbeat.

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Caroline Henry

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Caroline along with her dad and a endure they killed, which weighed 297kg (655lbs)

Speaking to Newsbeat in regards to the endure she killed above, Caroline mentioned “it fed at least eight families, several times over”.

She additionally made a rug out of the cover.

“We have to manage our bear population on our land – if you let too many bears grow on your land it can become a problem for other wildlife, disease can spread, and it can become dangerous for us.”

Caroline is not a member of the NRA however does not consider the Never Again marketing campaign, which desires stricter gun controls.

She consents extra background exams are wanted however does not assume the federal government will have to raise the age of purchase to 21-years-old – a proposal Donald Trump made after which went again on following a loss of enhance.

“I don’t believe elevating the age goes to mend the rest.

“It’s the fogeys’ duty to safe their weapons and not to retailer loaded weapons, or bullets with the weapons.

“It’s really precautions you take in the home that will help fix things – not necessarily the way you purchase guns.”

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Caroline Henry

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Caroline along with her grandad and the endure they shot, which she says used to be 9 years previous and thought to be “old” for a endure

At the instant Caroline most effective makes use of weapons for looking. She says her circle of relatives does not generally tend to shop for meat from the grocery store as a result of they hunt what they wish to devour.

But she has were given a license to have a handgun if she desires to shop for one for defense.

“We live in a very safe area so I don’t think it’s super necessary for me to carry one around or keep one by bed because I feel safe.”

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