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Nikola sues Tesla for $2 billion over electric truck design

A hydrogen truck startup has sued electric automobile maker Tesla for $2 billion over allegedly copying their designs for the Tesla Semi.

Nikola Motor Company – which makes use of the primary identify of the well-known inventor that Elon Musk’s corporate is known as after – claims that 3 design patents of its Nikola One truck had been borrowed for Tesla’s truck, which was once unveiled three hundred and sixty five days after the opposite gas automobile.

“The Tesla Semi is substantially similar to Nikola’s unique design, and Tesla copied Nikola’s patents,” the lawsuit states.

“Tesla’s infringement has harmed Nikola’s plans by causing confusion in the market… The confusion has diverted sales from Nikola to Tesla. Further, any problems with the Tesla Semi will be attributed to the Nikola One, causing harm to the Nikola brand.”


The Nikola One truck (left) and the Tesla Semi. Nikola Motors claims Tesla copied the design in their truck (Nikola/ Tesla/ Composite)

The 3 patents allegedly stolen come with the wrap-around windshield, the aerodynamic fuselage and the mid-entry door – all of which Nikola claims are “unique in the trucking industry.”

Over a yr earlier than Tesla unveiled its truck, Nikola Motor Company tweeted a picture of its first truck, tagging Mr Musk’s twitter account.


The tweet is incorporated as proof within the lawsuit that Mr Musk was once conscious about the design of the Nikola One design.

The lawsuit comes as Mr Musk prepares to announce the corporate’s quarterly incomes figures, all over which he’s anticipated to handle manufacturing problems with the Model three electric automotive.

Delays for the company’s first mass-market electric automobile have helped give a contribution to an important drop in Tesla’s proportion value, which has fallen via round 1 / 4 since September.

Tesla is but to make an annual benefit and recorded a $675 million loss for the quarter of 2017, regardless of making $2.7 billion earnings.

Mr Musk has in the past joked about his corporate’s perilous monetary scenario.

On 1 April, 2018, he tweeted:: “Tesla goes bankrupt… Despite intense efforts to raise money, including a last-ditch mass sale of Easter Eggs, we are sad to report that Tesla has gone completely and totally bankrupt. So bankrupt, you can’t believe it.”

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