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New York Today: Changes Coming to Kennedy Airport

They had a lot of ideas.

“J.F.K. is sometimes two hours by cab from the Upper West Side — I once grew a full beard during the ride.”

Charles Tatham, 55, Upper West Side. (Top ask: Add a teach or subway line touring immediately to the airport, as a result of “dragging luggage to the AirTrain to the E to Manhattan to another subway must have been one of the labors of Hercules.”)

“J.F.K. isn’t the prized air hub America deserves. Terminal 2 appears frozen in time and Delta’s aging fleet just adds to the misery.”

— Brendan Lazarus, 30, Park Slope, Brooklyn. (Top ask: Address the problem of runway capability, “as many afternoon flights pad schedules by almost an hour to account for taxi time.”)

“I do enjoy coming back from an international trip and knowing I’m truly home when I’m harassed by the fake cab drivers at J.F.K.”

Tom Pambrun, 39, Kensington, Brooklyn. (Top ask: Rethink curbside drop-off and pick-up spaces in any respect terminals, as a result of “pushing through cramped areas of confused travelers while traffic cops are blowing whistles is a rough way to start or end a trip.”)

“The lines at J.F.K. are always miserable, it takes forever to get there, and it can take half an hour or more just to get to your gate — once you’ve passed security.”

Kathryn Struthers, 35, Battery Park City. (Top ask: Improve the safety traces, in all probability via including lanes to expedite the method.)

“Despite La Guardia being called a ‘third world airport’ by many people, I do believe it’s way more convenient than J.F.K. J.F.K. is a big and disorienting cluster of terminals spread out on spaghetti-like road networks.”

Weixi Zeng, 23, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. (Top ask: Adding categorical rail carrier to Manhattan, “like the Heathrow Express for London or the maglev train for Shanghai.”)

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