Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul and U.S. Senate hopeful Mitt Romney headlined the Iron County Republicans’ Lincoln Day Dinner at Southern Utah University on Thursday.

Paul started his remarks to the collection of Southern Utah Republicans by way of criticizing the executive, pronouncing that rules will have to come from just about house.

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“I think the closer government is to home, the better,” Paul stated. “The ultimate local government is individual sovereignty, individual responsibility, and responsibility for all our acts.”

Paul persevered by way of pronouncing the United States spends an excessive amount of at the army and that the U.S. must withdraw from the United Nations.

“We have an empire today that we can’t afford,” he stated. “We are in a lot of trouble and we need to look at our foreign policy. The founders gave us a pretty good idea of what it should be — stay out of entangling alliances.”

From the instant Romney walked in the door, he used to be busy shaking palms and taking selfies with visitors. Announcing his run for Sen. Orrin Hatch’s Senate seat only one week in the past, the Romney marketing campaign used to be a big donor to the fundraising tournament. Even although Paul used to be the principle speaker for the night time, all eyes have been on Romney.

Speaking just for 3 mins, Romney emphasised his revel in in politics and relationships with leaders in Washington.

“I’m concerned for our country,” he stated. “We have a senator that is leaving us that has a lot of clout, and I believe in the virtue I have with the relationships with about the 40 U.S. senators that I campaigned with, as well as the relationships with the White House, including the president, that I will be able to be more effective than the average junior senator.”

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Speaking to problems affecting Southern Utah, Romney addressed problems relating to the usage of public land.

“The land grab that was taken by Bill Clinton and Barak Obama that he (Trump) reversed, that was the right thing to do,” Romney stated. “I also believe that when it comes to federal lands, I think the decisions should not just be made from a president or federal government. There should be more local involvement.”

Romney additionally addressed faculty protection and gun regulate, pronouncing that the verdict will have to be left to native governments.

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“We have to make our schools safe,” Romney stated. “I don’t believe that happens by imposing new federal laws, although I agree with the president on enhanced background checks. I believe the states and localities are the best places for making changes to make sure our schools are safe.”

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