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Mayor Biskupski tweets her opposition to sales-tax hike on eve of expected city council vote

An afternoon sooner than the Salt Lake City Council is take in what may well be the deciding vote on a countywide $58 million sales-tax hike for roads and mass transit, Mayor Jackie Biskupski tweeted our her opposition to elevating the tax now.

“It is not the time for #SLC to support the #SB136 county sales tax increase. I support funding for transportation, but any tax increase should be done after public engagement & with strategic plans, as we have done w/ our local funding options,” she stated in a tweet despatched simply after five p.m. Monday.

The Council is scheduled to speak about the tax at its paintings consultation starting at three:30 p.m. Tuesday and has it on the time table for a conceivable vote in its formal consultation that evening.

With a inhabitants of round 200,000, the capital may smartly be the city that both OKs or blocks the proposed .25 % countywide tax build up.

So a long way 9 towns, representing an combination inhabitants of greater than 400,000 have supported the tax-hike solution. If towns with a complete inhabitants of 737,000 citizens (67 % of the entire county inhabitants of 1.1 million) again the rise, Salt Lake County will enforce it.

Her view didn’t alternate with the mayor’s commentary Monday.

“I think we have a majority, and I think the whole council has been aware of her opposition,” Mendenhall advised The Tribune. “I don’t think this is news that will alter the probable support of the resolution, but you never know.”

“We finalize our budget tomorrow and there are all sorts of considerations in the context of that that could play into council members’ consideration of the county resolution. so we shall see.”

Asked if she was once shocked Biskupski would cross public with her opposition on the eve of a vote, Mendenhall stated, “Actually I was surprised she didn’t go public with it earlier.”

And in a commentary launched later Monday, the mayor reiterated her robust fortify for making an investment in city streets and transit. But, she added, “I do not believe it is the right time for Salt Lake City to support the quarter-cent sales tax increase currently being considered.”

Biskupski pointed to the new .five % sales-tax hike authorized via the city council and mayor — section of which will probably be used for roads and transit — and a proposed $87 million highway bond that may be positioned on the Nov. 6 poll.

“I strongly believe the support the city has received for these funding options exists because of the comprehensive plans we have developed and the robust public engagement we underwent,” the mayor’s commentary stated.

She contrasted that with the countywide transportation and transit tax proposal, which has best in recent years begun to see some public scrutiny and debate. A revised model of a 2015 voter-rejected poll measure, the Legislature licensed it as a county choice in March. Then, in April, Salt Lake County made up our minds to go away it up to towns and got here up with the 67 % of inhabitants system, environment a June 22 cut-off date.

“To fully implement our transit and transportation needs, Salt Lake City will need to think regionally and act locally. Let’s take the time necessary to launch our local plans, and coordinate with our regional partners to fund our future needs in a transparent and strategic manner,” Biskupski recommended.

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