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Linux Foundation Celebrates Microsoft’s GitHub Acquisition

The Linux Foundation has endorsed Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub. In a blog post, Jim Zemlin, the manager director on the Linux Foundation, mentioned: “This is pretty good news for the world of Open Source and we should celebrate Microsoft’s smart move.” The Verge studies: 10 years in the past, Zemlin used to be calling for Microsoft to prevent secretly attacking Linux by way of promoting patents that focused the working gadget, and he additionally poked a laugh at Microsoft a couple of occasions over time. “I will own responsibility for some of that as I spent a good part of my career at the Linux Foundation poking fun at Microsoft (which, at times, prior management made way too easy),” explains Zemlin. “But times have changed and it’s time to recognize that we have all grown up — the industry, the open source community, even me.” Nat Friedman, the longer term CEO of GitHub (as soon as the deal closes), took to Reddit to reply to questions at the corporate’s plans. “We are not buying GitHub to turn it into Microsoft; we are buying GitHub because we believe in the importance of developers, and in GitHub’s unique role in the developer community,” explains Friedman. “Our goal is to help GitHub be better at being GitHub, and if anything, to help Microsoft be a little more like GitHub.”

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