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Leonard Pitts: Happy Indictment Day. Now let’s get to work fixing our democracy.

In the ultimate episode of the primary season of “Daredevil,” there’s this nice montage of arrests because the Kingpin’s empire falls. The FBI swoops down, and you notice the entire crooked police officers, corrupt politicians, and henchmen belonging to the New York City crime lord amassed like rubbish. It is, within the context of that Netflix superhero drama, an excessively pleasurable second.

In the context of actual existence, it will be much more so. That’s what accounts for the glee with which the likes of Keith Olbermann and Ava DuVernay started retweeting over the weekend a clip first posted to YouTube in August. In it, a skilled anyone calling themselves 1oneclone repurposes the “Daredevil” montage to devastating impact.

In the brand new clip, it’s Michael Flynn, no longer some mobster, hauling you-know-what with a military of FBI males in scorching pursuit. Steve Bannon is led out together with his fingers cuffed at the back of him as James Comey gazes on in quiet pride. Kellyanne Conway remains to be chattering as she is arrested. And there is going the large guy himself, jaw jutting pugnaciously, as he’s hauled away.

The clip is — no pun supposed — a wonder. And it smartly captured the temper on a lot of social media as other folks awaited Monday, when, in accordance to CNN, the primary culmination of particular suggest Robert Mueller’s probe into the Trump management can be unsealed. Folks dubbed it a spontaneous vacation: Indictment Day.

So Indictment Day would possibly quickly come round once more.

Not to kill the enjoyment of that chance, however a reminder turns out prudent right here. Even if Indictment Day comes a dozen instances extra, although the person himself is felled, none of it adjustments what wishes converting.

In March of 2016, I wrote about what America will have to do “after Trump.” Got a lot of it flawed, together with downplaying the potential for his election. But something stated then holds up: Trump is a fabricated from concern, intolerance, incoherence and lack of knowledge. And the ones issues would live on him.

After all, they grew sturdy and ambitious in recent times as a few of us made expedient selections to which morality used to be a stranger. Exhibit A: the Republican Party’s selection to embody an ethos of chaos — assume tea birthday party mobs and delivery certificates lies — as it used to be politically helpful. And to forget about the wear and tear this wrought.

Now we’re paying the associated fee for that short-sightedness. And after Trump, assuming America isn’t a nuclear desolate tract or two international locations via then — probabilities that appear much less far off than they as soon as did — confronting the forces that introduced us right here should be Job One for religion leaders, information media, activists and educators. Indeed, all other folks of moral sense may have a easy challenge: Drive concern, intolerance, incoherence and lack of knowledge off the primary level of American politics.

It is, sure, pleasurable to see a video the place all this president’s women and men are carted away via the feds. It is much more pleasurable to see them face the tune in actual existence.

What ails us, despite the fact that, will probably be fastened no longer via indictments, however via engagement and schooling. It will take time. And fact is, “after Trump” is just too lengthy to wait.

So, I’m hoping you loved Indictment Day. Now, let’s get again to work.

Leonard Pitts | The Miami Herald
Leonard Pitts | The Miami Herald

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