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‘Jeopardy!’ champ Ken Jennings shares tips on how to dominate HQ Trivia and other quiz apps

SALT LAKE CITY — When you sneak clear of a hectic paintings day for only a few mins within the afternoon to play the cellular app recreation HQ Trivia, there’s a superb opportunity Ken Jennings is taking part in proper in conjunction with you.

When you rush thru your dinner or pause a display to play HQ Trivia at evening, there’s a good higher probability Ken Jennings is taking part in proper in conjunction with you.

Because for Jennings, who lives in Seattle, night time HQ Trivia — which generally attracts in additional than 1 million trivialities enthusiasts, often referred to as “HQties” — falls proper at dinnertime at 6 p.m. So when the game-time notification pops up on his telephone, Jennings and his 15-year-old son are ready to briefly grow to be the dinner desk right into a frenetic trivialities birthday party — you best have 10 seconds to resolution each and every query, in the end.

“My wife gets really annoyed when my son and I are playing,” Jennings mentioned with amusing. “It’s definitely bonding between me and my son — except when we’re playing against each other and he doesn’t like that I win more than he does.”

Jennings mentioned he’s as it should be spoke back all 12 questions and gained HQ Trivia 5 or 6 instances, making his grand overall winnings someplace round $29.

“It’s a big comedown after ‘Jeopardy!,’ I got to say.”

That’s a comical understatement, as after 75 appearances and 74 consecutive wins on the TV recreation display, Jennings walked away with greater than $2.five million.

His report profitable streak got here to a stunning finish on Nov. 30, 2004, however as noticed together with his HQ Trivia fervor, Jennings has remained lively on this planet of random info. He’s written books about his reports on the sport display, and trivialities on the whole, and, maximum not too long ago, attended bar trivialities together with his son — incognito, in fact.

Sitting together with his son and his son’s pals in an all-ages bar, Jennings donned what he known as a “Clark Kent disguise,” dressed in a hat and pair of glasses.

“(My son) got tired of not winning, so he had me come last week,” Jennings mentioned. “So I played bar trivia for the first time in like 10 years. It’s less anonymous than HQ. It’s kind of tricky for me to be playing trivia in a bar; it’s not good if I win, it’s not good if I lose. Nobody’s happy.”

They did win, however Jennings prefers sticking to his telephone for long term trivialities interests. In addition to HQ Trivia, he’s a widespread participant of FleetWit and has even consulted with the sport on trivialities questions.

“A lot of those (games) actually do kind of simulate the real-time quiz show very well,” he mentioned. “… I think the main difference is that somebody like (HQ Trivia host) Scott Rogowsky seems very friendly and forgiving. Alex Trebek is a much kind of cooler, sterner presence. He’s more intimidating. … I have a little man crush on Scott.”

Jennings spoke with the Deseret News about his upcoming e book, “Planet Funny: How Comedy Took Over Our Culture,” but in addition took the time to percentage with fellow trivialities fanatics some tips to lend a hand reach an increasingly more trivia-saturated international — HQ Trivia and FleetWit are simply two of many apps quizzing and difficult other folks day-to-day.

Faith Jennings

In a up to date interview with the Deseret News about his e book “Planet Funny,” set to be launched May 29, Ken Jennings shared tips with fellow trivialities fanatics on how to prevail at taking part in HQ Trivia and other quiz apps.

Google can also be your good friend

Fast typers indisputably have a bonus when it comes to most of these video games, and the quickest of typers would possibly also be ready to kind all the query and get a solution within the fleeting time allocated for each and every query.

But Jennings, who mentioned he’ll best play if he’s sitting at his pc when the notification on his telephone pops up, has some other googling tip: Start with the solution, now not the query.

“With HQ, you actually can google in time ‘cause Google autocomplete is so fast,” he mentioned. “If you see the three choices and you see one that looks good … if you’re like, ‘A group of vultures might be a venue,’ you can type ‘venue of vultures’ into google and see if it autocompletes and if it does that might be the right answer.”

Think of the query author

Questions are the essence of trivialities, and nice thrill comes from answering them proper — and profitable cash. But Jennings instructed quiz whizzes to now not simply take into accounts the query, however to additionally take into accounts the author at the back of the query and get into that individual’s thoughts. Doing so may just lend a hand gamers do away with flawed solutions.

“The secret of trivia is it’s also psychoanalysis,” he mentioned. “You’re trying to read the mind of the person who wrote the question. So it’s really like a duel of wits — it’s not you against the question, it’s you against the question writer.”

Split solutions when conceivable

There’s energy in numbers when it comes to HQ Trivia and other apps. Although Jennings has but to get his spouse on board with taking part in the sport at dinnertime, he and his son will continuously workforce up when unsure in regards to the resolution to a query. Playing on their very own telephones, Jennings and his son will choose other solutions to a query in an effort to build up the percentages of one in every of them staying within the recreation — simply be certain the individual you’re teaming up with is on board with splitting the sport winnings.

Don’t slouch

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Good posture is at all times one thing oldsters inspire of their kids, however seems that it may additionally lend a hand when it comes to trivialities. Playing this sort of fast moving recreation on a telephone can every now and then be difficult, and Jennings admitted to having unintentionally decided on an fallacious selection even if he knew the proper one.

“I definitely play standing up with the phone right in front of me,” Jennings mentioned. “If you’re kind of slouched over or playing at a weird angle … I’ve hit the wrong answer before, which is the worst.”

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