CLOSEIce Age wolf domestic dog, caribou with fur found by gold miners in Canada

A caribou was once found at a gold mine in Canada. Experts say it most probably walked the earth 50,000 years in the past.

A mummified wolf domestic dog and caribou believed to have walked Earth over 50,000 years in the past had been found out with tissue and fur intact — a exceptional to find, Canadian government say.

The caribou was once found on the website of a 80,000-year-old volcanic ash mattress and officers imagine it is a few of the oldest mummified mammal tissue in the arena, according to a release

The head, two entrance limbs and torso of the caribou had been intact. The wolf domestic dog was once found with a whole frame. 

“These specimens will help scientists learn more about the ancient mammal species that roamed Beringia, increasing our knowledge and ability to share the stories of this lost, ancient land,” Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendys mentioned in a commentary. 

The calf was once found in June 2016 and the wolf domestic dog was once found in July 2016, each at gold mines, officers introduced final week. 

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Tony Beets, identified from Discovery’s Gold Rush display, mentioned his crew found the caribou. 

“Such amazing things to be found here under the midnight sun,” he mentioned on Facebook in regards to the discoveries.

The animals are actually on show in Dawson City, and can ultimately be moved to the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa.

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