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How the Weather Channel Made That Insane Hurricane Florence Storm Surge Animation


The Weather Channel’s three-D, room-encompassing depiction of the Hurricane Florence storm surge took many by surprise on Friday (Second video). It does not inform, it displays, extra bracingly than you would suppose can be conceivable on a meteorological replace, writes Wired. Here’s how they did it. CNET: In one video, meteorologist Erika Navarro demonstrates what a modern hurricane surge would imply at a human stage. (Storm surge is solely the “abnormal rise of water generated by a storm” this is “produced by water being pushed toward the shore by the force of the winds,” in keeping with the National Hurricane Center.) “Storm surge is going to be potentially life-threatening for some areas along the US coastline,” Navarro says. Then she demonstrates what is described as a “reasonable, worst-case scenario for areas along North Carolina.” Here’s the place the video will get heart-in-throat frightening. As Navarro stands and speaks, the climate maps at the back of her dissolve away, and he or she is proven status in a computer-generated community. The CGI water rises at the back of her, surroundings a pink automotive afloat and flooding properties.

[…] The Weather Channel has been the use of augmented fact since 2015. This yr, it partnered with content material and era supplier The Future Group and its spectacular Immersive Mixed Reality era, which makes use of Unreal Engine instrument. The tech debuted on TWC in June, when meteorologist Jim Cantore used it to stroll audience via what would occur if a twister hit the channel’s personal studios. A demo appearing the energy of lightning adopted in July. Reaction to the typhoon explainer has been overwhelmingly sure, stated Michael Potts, Weather Channel’s vice chairman of design. “It was created to evoke an automatic visceral reaction, to imagine that this could be real,” Potts stated. “And people are sharing it with friends and family as a warning tool. The amount of engagement across all of our platforms has been some of the highest we’ve ever seen.” The community Navarro is status in seems to be actual, however it is all digital graphics created in a brand new green-screen studio constructed at the channel’s Atlanta headquarters. “All the graphics you see, from the cars, the street, the houses and the entire neighborhood are created using the Unreal Engine — they are not real,” Potts says. “The circle she is standing in is the presentation area, it’s a ‘safe’ space that is not affected by the weather. … The maps and data are all real-time and the atmospheric conditions are driven by the forecast.” More on this here.


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