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How can I stop HomePod staining my wooden furnishings?


Apple’s fancy new HomePod certain sounds nice, however it may additionally stain your furnishings in case you are now not cautious.

Apple’s handiest simply launched the somewhat-delayed Apple HomePod, this means that it is beautiful early days for its first foray into the sensible speaker marketplace.

We liked its enveloping sound in our Apple HomePod review, however it is rising that it will depart greater than an audio mark on your house, with experiences that the silicon base of the HomePod would possibly depart a espresso cup-style ring on some wooden surfaces.

I can’t say that the Space Grey HomePod I’ve been checking out out displayed the ones sorts of problems as but, with maximum experiences mentioning the white HomePod as the obvious wrongdoer.

What can I do to stop a HomePod staining my furnishings?

Well, it’s good to take it out for walks when it begins wagging its tail and whimpering… no, wait, that is canine, is not it?

Apple has launched a support document that admits that there is also a subject, however it is not precisely wealthy with element. Specifically, it states that:

“It isn’t atypical for any speaker with a vibration-dampening silicone base to depart delicate marks when put on some wooden surfaces.

The marks can be brought about by means of oils diffusing between the silicone base and the desk floor, and can continuously move away after a number of days when the speaker is got rid of from the wooden floor.

If now not, wiping the skin gently with a comfortable damp or dry fabric would possibly take away the marks. If marks persist, blank the skin with the furnishings producer’s really helpful cleansing procedure.

If you’re curious about this, we propose striking your HomePod on a special floor.”

So there you have got it. Clean the skin if you wish to stay the HomePod there, or transfer the HomePod to another location, which might appear to be the wiser selection for long-term HomePod use. That’s until you by no means plan to transport it ever, at which level a hoop beneath it will be obscured by means of the HomePod itself.

You may just in principle position one thing beneath the HomePod to take in any naughty escaping silicone, however that invitations new audio issues, because of the HomePod’s use of bottom-firing audio system to create its immersive sound.


This would by no means stain anything else, however consider us, it sounds horrible.

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