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Google To Pay JavaScript Frameworks To Implement Performance-First Code

An nameless reader quotes ZDNet:
Google will probably be launching a fund of $200,000 to sponsor the development and implementation of performance-related features in third-party JavaScript frameworks… Frameworks with authentic concepts to make stronger functionality and the ones which send “on by default” performance-boosting options will probably be liked within the budget allocation procedure. Nicole Sullivan, Chrome Product Manager, and Malte Ubl, Google Engineering Lead, have advised ZDNet that the recognition, measurement, or the adoption of any player framework is not going to rely as a defining issue for being decided on to obtain investment. “The objective of this initiative is to help developers hit performance goals and hence serve their users with high-quality user experiences by default and ensure that this happens at scale,” the 2 advised ZDNet in an e mail…

“One key factor is also whether the respective feature can be turned on by default and thus have maximum impact rather than being only made available optionally,” Sullivan and Ubl stated…. “We want developers to be creative in approaching and solving the performance problem on the web but at a high-level we’ll be looking at features that directly impact loading performance (e.g. use of feature policies, smart bundling, code-splitting, differential serving) and runtime performance (e.g. breaking tasks into smaller, schedulable chunks & keeping fps high)….”

But along with striking up budget to lend a hand frameworks make stronger their codebase, Google has additionally invited the improvement groups a few of these frameworks to offer comments in a extra distinguished position as a part of the Google Chrome building procedure… “Frameworks sometimes make web apps slower. They are also our best hope to make it faster,” a slide in Sullivan and Ubl’s Chrome Dev Summit presentation learn.
“It’s still JavaScript,” complains long-time Slashdot reader tepples. “The fastest script is the script that is not loaded at all.”

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