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German Authorities Are Considering a Ban On Loot Boxes

Slashdot reader Qbertino writes: Heise experiences that German government are inspecting loot containers in video video games and considering banning them in the country. Loot containers would possibly in fact even violate regulations in opposition to calls-to-purchase aimed without delay in opposition to minors which are already in impact. German government also are checking that. Loot containers are randomized in-game merchandise purchases that many of us imagine a type of playing. The choice to do so in opposition to loot containers in Germany is anticipated in March. Germany’s Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body has since clarified that Germany government aren’t making an allowance for a common ban on loot containers, however are in fact inspecting laws of web advertising and buying as a complete.

“A closer look at the discussion is taking place, ie., if there are any specific risks and where to locate them legally. As part of that analysis the KJM (governmental institution responsible for youth protection regarding to online content/services) is taking a closer look at permitted and prohibited advertising in shop offerings. However these rules apply to online purchases in general, thus also to loot boxes,” the rep stated. “In the German debate this term [loot box] refers to a broad variety of different in-game or even just game-related purchase systems with more or less randomized items. Hence one cannot say that ‘loot boxes’ violate German laws, as each integration has to be evaluated as separate case.”

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