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From the WWE rumor mill:  Backup plan for Survivor Series if Roman Reigns cannot compete

It seems the standing of Roman Reigns is up in the air at this level…

Roman Reigns
We remaining noticed Roman Reigns remaining month within a metal cage struggling with Braun Strowman…

Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that there’s a “Plan B” in position for Survivor Series if Roman Reigns isn’t able to compete by means of November 19th.

According to the document, the WWE may have Jason Jordan exchange Reigns and play up the storyline that this might be the first time ever that Jordan and his father Kurt Angle could be teaming up.

Reigns is recently improving from the identical viral an infection that put Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas on the shelf; which led to all 3 of them to pass over the TLC pay consistent with view remaining month. The WWE expects to have Roman Reigns again in time for Survivor Series, however that expectation modified over the weekend.

Johnson showed that Reigns isn’t recently hospitalised, however there’s a fear that they’d rush him again too quickly if they put him in the Survivor Series Five-on-Five removing fit for Team Raw in opposition to Team SmackDown.

Roman Reigns remaining seemed for WWE on the October 16th version of Monday Night Raw when he confronted off in opposition to Braun Strowman in a metal cage bout; a fit that still integrated the wonder go back of Kane.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for additional updates on the well being of Roman Reigns.

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