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Everything You Need To Know About Freezing Your Eggs

Statistics display that extra girls are having young children later in lifestyles. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention document discovered that start charges in 2016 rose for ladies ages 30 to 44 and lowered for the ones 30 and underneath. And 20 p.c of girls within the United States are actually delaying having their first kid till after the age of 35.

The truth is that ladies have extra choices on the subject of their lifestyles and their fertility than they ever have, which is able to let them conceive on their most popular agenda as a substitute of a pressured one in line with their our bodies. One of the ones strategies? Egg freezing.

For those that may well be taking into consideration that path, numerous questions can pop up within the procedure, together with value and the way lengthy the process takes. If you’re probably the most hundreds of thousands of girls who’re taking into consideration freezing her eggs, right here’s what professionals need you to grasp:

Timing can subject on the subject of egg freezing however there’s no ultimate age for it

Sinem Karipcin, a reproductive endocrinologist with Conceptions Florida, mentioned girls who’re fascinated with freezing their eggs might wish to believe the process all the way through their overdue 20s to early 30s.

“Women younger than 30 may need 10 eggs to achieve a live birth, whereas women at the age of 38 may need about 25,” Karipcin mentioned. “And if you are older than 43, you may need 100 eggs to be frozen to increase your chances of one live birth.”

That being mentioned, there’s no “perfect” age on the subject of egg freezing. One find out about did to find that at age 37 freezing your eggs had the most important get advantages over no motion taken, however professionals tension that age isn’t the one think about luck charge.

“Determining the optimal age to freeze eggs really depends on a woman’s overall fertility plan, ovarian reserve testing, health and medical history and readiness to do an egg freeze cycle,” defined Lisa C. Grossman Becht, the director of egg freezing and oncofertility at Columbia University Fertility Center.

“Doing fertility testing in her low to mid-30s is a great start [because] if numbers are lower, it may be more worthwhile to freeze eggs. If numbers look reassuring, she may want to reconsider around age 35,” Becht added.

Egg freezing will also be efficient, however there aren’t any promises

While the process could be a nice possibility, it does no longer essentially ensure a long term being pregnant. Mark Trolice, director of Fertility CARE: The IVF Center and a scientific affiliate professor within the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology on the University of Central Florida, famous that luck charges following egg freezing rely on elements like your age.

“If she is 30 to 34, her chance for a live birth with 10 mature eggs frozen is approximately 60 percent,” Trolice mentioned. “If she is 38 to 40, her chance will drop to 35 percent.”

Everything You Need To Know About Freezing Your Eggs

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Egg freezing is usually a excellent possibility for those who’re experiencing well being problems

If you’ve been recognized with sure well being prerequisites, like most cancers, freezing your eggs is also a viable possibility. Chemotherapy will also be poisonous to ovaries, so protecting your eggs prior to remedy might lend a hand with fertility in a while.

Chemotherapy goals actively rising cells, which is able to come with cells within the follicles of the ovary the place the eggs are positioned, defined Becht. So it will burn up lately energetic follicles and reduce your egg reserve.

“Certain chemotherapy and treatments can even put a woman into premature menopause,” mentioned Becht, who famous that if a lady dealing with most cancers freezes her eggs in time, so long as she is medically cleared, she will be able to use the frozen eggs to try being pregnant one day.

It can value a lovely penny

Quite a lot of innovative corporations like Apple and Facebook quilt egg freezing for his or her staff. But nearly all of insurance policy organizations be offering to staff don’t quilt non-compulsory egg freezing, in line with Kathleen Borchardt, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Houston Methodist.

“Some are starting to make exceptions, however, and are offering partial or complete financial coverage for women that are considered high risk for conditions like premature menopause or are gearing up to undergo certain cancer treatments,” she defined.

But nearly all of girls need to pay out of pocket for egg freezing. The process can value upward of $10,000, in line with Becht. At her follow, as an example, injections, egg retrieval and freezing prices about $6,300, drugs range from $three,000 to $7,000 relying on protocol, and once a year garage for the eggs is ready $1,200 in line with yr.

The physician will first get started the method by way of checking your own egg reserve

“Egg reserve testing refers to getting more information about one’s quantity of eggs,” Becht mentioned, which incorporates a blood check and a transvaginal ultrasound to have a look at the follicles the place the eggs are positioned. Additionally, trying out for different hormones will also be achieved at first of your menstrual cycle to get further details about how you might reply to egg freezing injections.

“This information, along with your age and medical history, will help in providing more information as to your potential success of the egg freezing process so that you can make a decision on whether or not to move forward with egg freezing,” Becht mentioned, noting that trying out the egg reserve does no longer essentially measure the high quality of your eggs, despite the fact that.

Everything You Need To Know About Freezing Your Eggs

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You’ll need to do injections on your self

Women present process the egg freezing procedure might be steered to accomplish at-home hormone injections to stimulate their ovaries into generating more than one eggs in a single menstrual cycle. Becht mentioned the procedure of blending and injecting drugs is quite simple to execute and famous that there are lots of how-to guides so that you can reference, together with on-line movies presented via pharmacies comparable to Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and directions out of your physician. In-home injection products and services also are to be had via sure suppliers.

“In cases where a woman feels uncomfortable doing injections, sometimes she may ask a friend or family member, or there is an option to hire a visiting nurse,” Becht mentioned.

After the preliminary discuss with and workup, all the procedure is in most cases not up to two weeks

“If a woman decides to move forward with an egg freeze cycle, it is typically eight to 12 nights of injection medications and coming to the office every few days for ultrasounds and bloodwork,” Becht defined.

During this time, you might revel in unwanted side effects comparable to minor complications, nausea, cramping and bloating. You will then take a unique injection to make the eggs able for extraction and, two mornings later, can have the process referred to as the egg retrieval.

Becht mentioned the egg retrieval takes kind of 10 mins and comes to extracting eggs from the ovaries transvaginally after which freezing them. The entire procedure is finished underneath sedation, so you possibly can be dozing and pain-free all the way through the process, she added.

“When she wakes up, she may feel moderate cramping pain but typically she should feel well enough to leave after recovering for about an hour and be back at work the next day,” Brecht mentioned.

You must additionally chorus from sex and in depth workout for a couple of days whilst recuperating from the process, in line with Becht.

Once it’s in all places, you’ll be able to retailer your eggs for roughly a decade

According to the fertility professionals on the Southern California Reproductive Center, eggs will also be safely saved for as much as 10 years prior to there’s any vital lack of high quality.

“Have your egg freezing cycle at a clinic with a history of successful implantation,” Karipcin mentioned. “Remember frozen eggs still need to be fertilized to make embryos to be transferred.” She beneficial discovering a hospital this is a hit in each freezing the eggs and developing embryos for fertilization.

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