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Europe — not the US or China — Publishes the Most AI Research Papers


The fashionable narrative round synthetic intelligence analysis is that it is principally a battle between China and the United States. Not so fast, says Europe. From a record: New knowledge released today (Dec. 12; PDF document) through the AI Index, a challenge to trace the development of man-made intelligence, presentations a development of Europe liberating extra papers than both the US or China. The knowledge was once assembled from Scopus, a quotation database owned through medical publishing corporate Elsevier. If the present development continues, China will quickly overtake Europe in the collection of papers printed. The collection of papers out of China grew 17% in 2017, in comparison to a 13% building up in the US, and eight% in Europe.

Europe boasts most sensible universities doing paintings in AI, akin to Oxford, University College London, and ETH Zurich, along with being house to branches of tech firms like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Alphabet’s DeepMind operates out of London, and French president Emmanuel Macron has been in particular bullish on AI in Europe. Since being elected in 2017, he has already laid out projects to strengthen the quantity of study and company AI stationed in France. […] The AI Index record credit the massive 70% building up in Chinese AI papers in 2008 to a central authority program selling long-term analysis in synthetic intelligence via 2020.


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