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Eugene Robinson: What happened? America's political axis tilted.

WASHINGTON — Leaders of each primary events are incorrect to think about the 2016 election as some more or less fluke. I imagine a political realignment is underway, and people who fail to discern its outlines may finally end up powerless and inappropriate.

With all admire to Hillary Clinton, her newly printed memoir, “What Happened,” doesn’t actually inform what came about. It is in all probability inevitable that she would center of attention at the day by day twists and turns of the marketing campaign. It is comprehensible that she would blame James Comey, Vladimir Putin and the media for harmful her potentialities — and that she would downplay her personal strategic and tactical missteps.

But take a step again and have a look at the election via a much wider lens. Clinton, with all her huge revel in and confirmed talent, used to be defeated by way of Donald Trump, a truth tv famous person who had by no means ahead of run for place of job, displayed near-total lack of understanding of the problems, broke each rule of political rhetoric and used to be stuck on videotape bragging of the way he sexually assaulted random ladies by way of grabbing their crotches.

That’s no longer simply not likely, it’s not possible. At least it will have to were, consistent with the whole thing we knew — or idea we knew — about politics. Yes, Comey’s last-minute revival of Clinton’s e mail scandal robbed her of momentum. Yes, her forget of the Rust Belt used to be a horrible mistake. Yes, the Russians have been operating laborious to defeat her, with the blessing — and no less than the tried collusion — of the Trump marketing campaign.

But the election by no means will have to were shut sufficient for rather minor balloting shifts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to elect the likes of Trump. The election by no means will have to were shut sufficient for Clinton to lose Florida and infrequently eke out a win in Virginia.

In retrospect, the alarming chance of an election-night marvel will have to were obvious. Trump by no means will have to have gained the Republican nomination over a box that incorporated such a lot of proficient politicians. And Clinton by no means will have to have needed to paintings so laborious to win the Democratic nomination over Bernie Sanders, an getting old socialist from Vermont who wasn’t even a Democrat till he entered the race.

None of what came about will have to have came about. And this can be a mistake in charge Clinton’s personality flaws, Trump’s mastery of Twitter or the media’s compulsion to chase each shiny, glossy object. Something a lot larger and deeper used to be occurring.

My view is that the normal left-to-right, progressive-to-conservative, Democratic-to-Republican political axis that we’re all so aware of is now not a legitimate schematic of American political opinion. And I imagine neither celebration has the foggiest thought what the brand new diagram looks as if.

I don’t suppose Trump can see the brand new spectrum both, as evidenced by way of the best way his approval scores have plunged since his inauguration. But each he and Sanders deserve credit score for seeing that the outdated type has outlived its usefulness.

Look on the problems on which Trump and Sanders have been in elementary settlement. Both doubted the bipartisan consensus favoring loose industry agreements, arguing that they had deprived U.S. staff. Both spoke of well being care for granted that are meant to be loved by way of all electorate. Both pledged to support, no longer weaken, entitlement systems corresponding to Social Security and Medicare. Both have been deeply skeptical of U.S. involvement in overseas wars, vowing to do their nation-building right here at house. Both advocated mammoth, job-creating investments in infrastructure. Both contended “the system” used to be rigged to choose the wealthy and robust on the expense of everybody else.

Leave apart for the instant the truth that Trump has no longer fulfilled his guarantees. The overlap in what he and Sanders mentioned they’d do is hanging — as is the distinction between what each Clinton and Trump’s GOP opponents have been pronouncing.

Trump used to be uniquely transgressive on one factor — immigration. He addressed the anxieties of white working-class electorate by way of presenting immigrants as all-purpose scapegoats.

The Trump and Sanders campaigns printed that there are massive numbers of electorate whose perspectives aren’t being mirrored by way of Democratic or Republican orthodox positions. Are the events adapting? Democrats appear to be inching towards make stronger of really common well being care, whilst Republicans have to this point idea best of taking medical insurance clear of tens of millions of other folks. Perhaps this can be a get started.

But I see no proof but that both celebration is engaged in the type of basic rethinking I imagine is named for. So this can be a mistake to think that Trump is essentially a one-term president or that Sanders is completed politically. You know the pronouncing: In the land of the blind, a one-eyed guy is king.

Eugene Robinson’s e mail cope with is eugenerobinson@washpost.com.

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