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ESR Sees Three Viable Alternatives To C


An nameless reader writes:

After 35 years of programming in C, Eric S. Raymond believes that we are after all seeing viable choices to the language. “We went thirty years — most of my time in the field — without any plausible C successor, nor any real vision of what a post-C technology platform for systems programming might look like. Now we have two such visions…and there is another.”

“I’ve a pal running on a language he calls ‘Cx’ which is C with minimum adjustments for sort protection; the function of his venture is explicitly to supply a code lifter that, with minimum human help, can pull up legacy C codebases. I would possibly not title him so he does not get caught in a scenario the place he could be overpromising, however the method appears to be like sound to me and I am seeking to get him extra investment. So, now I can see three plausible paths out of C. Two years in the past I could not see any. I repeat: that is massive… Go, or Rust, or Cx — any means you slice it, C’s hang is slipping.”
Raymond’s essay additionally comprises a captivating glance again on the historical past of programming languages after 1982, when the foremost complied languages (FORTRAN, Pascal, and COBOL) “have been both confined to legacy code, retreated to single-platform fortresses, or just ran on inertia underneath expanding force from C across the edges in their domain names.

“Then it stayed that way for nearly thirty years.”


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