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Equifax Breach Provokes Calls For Serious Data Protection Reforms


Equifax’s information breach was colossal — however what will have to occur subsequent? The Guardian writes:
The drawback is that businesses like Equifax are in a position to amass — necessarily, with out prohibit — as a lot delicate, non-public information as they may be able to get their arms on. There is an pressing want for strict regulations on what types of data companies can collect and what sort of information an organization can possess, each in mixture and about folks. At the very least, this will likely reduce the severity and dimension of (inevitable) information breaches… Without hanging arduous limits at the information capitalists who extract and exploit our non-public knowledge, they are going to proceed to harvest the ease whilst we endure the dangers.
Marc Rotenberg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, provides, “we need to penalize companies that collect SSNs but can’t protect [them].” Wired studies:
Experts throughout a lot of privateness and safety fields agree that the approach to the over-collection and over-use of SSNs is not one specific alternative, however a diverse array of authentications like individual codes (very similar to passwords), biometrics, or even bodily tokens to create extra variation within the ID procedure. Some additionally argue that the federal government most likely would possibly not be the motive force at the back of the shift. “We have a government that works at a glacial pace in the best of times,” says Brenda Sharton, who chairs the Privacy & Cybersecurity follow on the Goodwin legislation company, which has labored on information privateness breach investigations for the reason that early 2000s. “There will reach a point where SSN [exposure] becomes untenable. And it may push us in the direction of having companies require multi-factor authentication.”
Meanwhile TechCrunch argues, “This crass, callow, and lazy treatment of our digital data cannot stand…”:
We will have to create new, secure methods for cryptographically securing our data… These previous organizations — Equifax was once based in 1899 and hasn’t modified a lot since inception — will have to die, to get replaced by means of answers that (and I shudder to mention this) are blockchain-based.


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