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Cryptocurrency Miners Are Using Old Tires to Power Their Rigs

Christopher Malmo, writing for Motherboard: An entrepreneurial cryptocurrency mining corporate has simply introduced an extraordinary deal: it has partnered with a tire-based waste-to-energy corporate within the United States to energy its mining computer systems. Standard American Mining and PRTI, a tire “thermal demanufacturing” corporate founded in North Carolina, are powering graphics cards-based mining apparatus to earn a variety of different cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Basically, they take used tires and heat them to a precise temperature, resulting in components like steel (from belted tires), carbon black, and a burnable fuel. That gasoline is the calories supply riding generators to make electrical energy, which powers an onsite cryptocurrency mining farm. Taking good thing about an underutilized electrical energy supply to run computer systems is not groundbreaking, however the extraordinary set-up presentations that cryptocurrency mining is now winning sufficient to justify discovering moderately unconventional resources of inexpensive or new calories technology.

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