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Cory Barlog on the sadistic Give Me God of War difficulty (and tips to survive it)


Cory, I am no stranger to the God of War franchise and I have completed each access on the toughest difficulty to be had. That stated, I had to do two issues just lately: move a kidney stone and take a look at to end your newest on Give Me God of War difficulty – I believe the latter revel in used to be extra painful…

Cory Barlog: [Laughs] Oh guy, this is implausible!

So I’ve to ask you, what forced you to hit so onerous this time round? Because that is one of these step up from the final God of War you probably did [God of War II]. Do you simply be expecting extra from gamers in this day and age?

CB: Look, I believe gamers have raised the bar through the years and sure video games have higher the problem such a lot. Jason McDonald is our lead struggle clothier and he got here to me and did this type of mad drawing of all the other ways he sought after to manipulate the gadget [for Give Me God of War difficulty]. He instructed me “I want to take this farther than we’ve ever gone before”. So we separated the difficulty out, made it in order that it used to be an excellent dedication – you’ll be able to handiest do that difficulty and you’ll be able to’t bounce out as soon as it is been decided on. And then he began breaking it down with all of those charts of various things he sought after the enemies to do.

Our lead struggle clothier, got here to me and did this type of mad drawing of all the other ways he sought after to manipulate the gadget [for Give Me God of War difficulty]

He did not need [the difficulty] to be had in an instant, he sought after it as an release at the finish. But I stated, I like all this and I would like other folks to dive into it from the get started. You know, that Mega Man really feel the place you get started and it is like, glance, if you are c-r-a-z-y sufficient pass dive into the deep finish, do it.

I have since observed a number of other folks take a look at to get started up on it, and once they hit that first battle they are identical to…nope.

I did that, I am embarrassed to say. Time constraints for buying the assessment performed made me backtrack, although I have began once more and I am about ¼ thru it now. I do not believe I have yelled at my tv this a lot in years.

CB: Well it is just right that you are again once more. That’s what we would have liked to do, build up the aspirational curve of issues. And this mode is not like earlier video games the place we had an set of rules that might mess with simply injury dealt and injury taken – which is how we maintain the different difficulties less than this one. But yeah, Give Me God of War is separate. It’s the brainchild of Jason McDonald. He’s gonna love your kidney stone comparability.

Sadly, I do not believe the phrase is out about how other this mode is. I have had pals who’re critics wrongfully say “yeah, the enemies are just more spongey”. I have been promoting it to them, pushing them to pass get their arses kicked and recognize what is modified,

CB: Oh, it is so a lot more than that. You’ve were given other enemies at other ranges. You’ve were given enemies with D-trees – or “decision trees”, how they select to assault, and so forth – being utterly other. Jason went so deep on this factor. And I imply his favourite recreation is Nioh, which he calls “the game of the century” or “the game of the “millennia”. So to him, he desires one thing actually difficult, and he used to be the man who would beat our previous very onerous modes. He has a trophy named after him known as “The Speed of Jason McDonald” as a result of he is the quickest at beating video games and is such a shockingly professional gamer. Most of our workforce are of the Bloodborne, Dark Souls stage of masochism.

As for me, I am not even thru my playthrough of Give Me God of War. There’s handiest such a lot ache I will be able to take, after which I will return to a decrease stage. I imply, it’s onerous, hardcore.

Thanks to your time Cory, and in addition for giving me a reputation to my ache: Jason McDonald.


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