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Collisions in each state highlight differences in driving patterns

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Distracted driving is something all of them have in not unusual.

States with extra folks have upper charges of nose-to-tail injuries while much less populous states have upper charges of collisions with desk bound gadgets, in line with AAMI’s newest Crash Index.

Don’t be stunned in case you get bumped from at the back of in Victoria. Victoria has the best possible charge of nose-to-tail collisions, which make up 33% of all claims in the state. The nationwide moderate is 31%, making nose-to-tail collisions the number 1 form of coincidence in Australia.

AAMI spokesperson Michael Mills thinks many of those injuries might be have shyed away from if folks would simply stop tailgating.

“Maintaining a good distance between you and the car in front is one of the most effective ways of keeping everyone safe, and it allows additional time to stop if the car in front suddenly brakes,” Mills stated in a commentary.

Don’t be expecting drivers in New South Wales to proportion their lanes. AAMI’s research displays that 25% of all NSW claims contain failure to offer means. This is the best possible in the rustic, with the nationwide moderate being 23%.

Tasmania is probably the most unhealthy position to be a fence, with a whopping 31% of claims there involving collisions with desk bound gadgets. The nationwide moderate is 21%.

All of those injuries have something in not unusual: distracted driving. A 2017 AAMI survey of Australian drivers displays that in the previous yr, 22% of Australian drivers reported a close to omit on account of distracted driving.

Australians in finding it tough to internalise how simple it’s to grow to be distracted. More than 90% of Australian drivers grow to be offended once they see different motorists the usage of a cell phone whilst driving. Despite feeling this fashion, just about 40% of drivers are tempted to check their phones once they pay attention a textual content come thru.

“If you get behind the wheel of a car you should be driving to the conditions and concentrating on what’s in front of you and what’s around you. Taking your eyes off the road for just a split second can have devastating consequences, and even the smallest distraction can be deadly. It’s just not worth the risk.” Mills warned.

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