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Chinese Schools Are Using ‘Smart Uniforms’ To Track Their Students’ Locations


“It’s as dystopian as it sounds,” opines The Verge:

Chinese colleges are actually tracking the exact location of their students using chip-equipped “smart uniforms” to be able to inspire higher attendance charges, in step with a record from state-run newspaper The Global Times. Each uniform has two chips within the shoulders that are used to trace when and the place the scholars input or go out the varsity, with an added dose of facial reputation instrument on the entrances to make certain that the appropriate scholar is dressed in the appropriate outfit (so you’ll be able to’t simply have your good friend, say, put on an additional blouse whilst you pass off and play hooky). Try to go away right through faculty hours? An alarm will pass off….

There are further options, too, in step with a record from The Epoch Times: the chips can it appears locate when a scholar has fallen asleep at school, and make allowance scholars to make bills (the use of further facial or fingerprint reputation to substantiate the acquisition). The uniforms are being utilized in 10 colleges in China’s Guizhou Province area, and it appears had been in use for a while — in step with Lin Zongwu, foremost of No. 11 School of Renhuai, over 800 scholars in his faculty had been dressed in the good uniforms since 2016.


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