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Can NASA Protect Earth from Catastrophic Asteroid Collisions?

An nameless reader quotes Qz:
NASA isn’t going with the intention to to find the entire asteroids sufficiently big to purpose severe devastation on Earth through 2020 — and even 2033. Also: For a hypothetical try to ship a spacecraft to divert an significantly unhealthy incoming asteroid, we will desire a ten 12 months heads-up to construct it and get it to the asteroid.

The good news? They’re working on it. “If a real threat does arise, we are prepared to pull together the information about what options might work and provide that information to decision-makers,” Lindley Johnson, NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer, informed newshounds.
But NASA’s technique is now being criticized through former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold — within the peer-reviewed magazine Icarus. An nameless reader quotes Scientific American:

Since 2016, Nathan Myhrvold has argued that there are deadly flaws within the information from NASA’s NEOWISE undertaking to seek area rocks… NASA is operating to expand a follow-up area telescope that may use the similar clinical method to satisfy a mandate from america Congress to find just about the entire area rocks that would pose a risk to Earth.

After 18 months of peer assessment, and quite a few acrimony on all sides, Myhrvold’s newest critique gave the impression on 22 May at the site of the magazine Icarus. Among different issues, he argues that NEOWISE estimates of asteroid diameters should not be trusted — a an important problem, since the dimension of an asteroid determines how a lot injury it will purpose if it hit Earth. “These observations are the best we’re going to have for a very long time,” says Myhrvold. “And they weren’t really analysed very well at all.”
NASA hasn’t spoke back intimately to Myhrvold’s grievance, although a June 14th commentary mentioned their workforce “stands by its data and scientific findings,” noting that they would additionally been revealed in different peer-reviewed journals.

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