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Google To Pay JavaScript Frameworks To Implement Performance-First Code

Google Would possibly Be In Hassle For Firing James Damore

An nameless reader quotes ZDNet: Google will probably be launching a fund of $200,000 to sponsor the development and implementation of performance-related features in third-party JavaScript frameworks… Frameworks with authentic concepts to make stronger functionality and the ones which send “on by default” performance-boosting options will probably be liked within …

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Amazon Releases A No-Cost Distribution of OpenJDK

Oracle Now Wants To Give Java EE to an Open Source Foundation

An nameless reader quotes SD Times: Amazon wants to make sure Java is available for free to its users in the long term with the creation of Amazon Corretto. The resolution is a no-cost, multi-platform, production-ready distribution of the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK). “Java is one of the most …

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GitHub’s Annual Report Reveals This Year’s Top Contributor: Microsoft

New 'Asciidots' Programming Language Makes use of Ascii Artwork (And Python)

GitHub noticed greater than 67 million pull requests this 12 months — greater than a 3rd of GitHub’s “lifetime” general of 200 million pull requests since its release in 2008. It now hosts 96 million repositories, and has over 31 million individuals — together with eight million who simply joined …

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Apple Finally Signs A Big Deal With a Hollywood Movie Studio

Disney Ditching Netflix Helps to keep Piracy Related

“And the winner of the 2021 Academy Award for best picture is .â.â. Apple?” jokes the Washington Post, noting that Apple has simply signed a new multi-year film maintain movie manufacturing corporate A24, “and while that seems like a comparatively minor announcement, it could change the game in some significant …

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YouTube Now Streams Free Ad-Supported Movies — Including ‘The Terminator’ and ‘Hackers’

In Reaction To Anti-diversity Memo, YouTube CEO Says Sexism in Tech is 'Pervasive'

YouTube’s “Movies & Shows” web page added a “Free to Watch” section closing month. They’re seeking to compete with unfastened ad-supported on-line film choices from Roku, Walmart, and Tubi, whilst “Amazon is rumored to be working on something similar,” reviews TechCrunch: Before, YouTube had best introduced customers the facility to …

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Compelling New Suspect For DB Cooper Skyjacking Found By Army Data Analyst

UK Desires To Criminalize Re-Identity of Anonymized Consumer Knowledge

A U.S. Army officer with a safety clearance and a “solid professional reputation” believes he is solved the notorious D.B. Cooper skyjacking case — naming two now-dead males in New Jersey who’ve by no means earlier than been suspected, “possibly breaking wide open the only unsolved skyjacking case in U.S. …

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The Boring Company’s First Tunnel Is All Dug Up

Mazda Pronounces Step forward In Lengthy-Coveted Engine Generation

Elon Musk has tweeted images of his tunnel-boring machine with the caption “Congratulations @BoringCompany on completing the LA/Hawthorne tunnel! Cutting edge technology!” The update comes a pair weeks after Musk showed off the Boring Company’s LA tunnel and mentioned it was once “on track” for a gap birthday party on …

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Mars Opportunity Rover Appears To Contact Earth; Turns Out To Be a False Alarm

Dubai Proposes Giant Simulated Mars City In the Desert

dmoberhaus writes: NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover appeared to briefly make contact with the agency’s Deep Space Network on Thursday afternoon after five months of silence. In June, a mud hurricane took Opportunity offline and each try to deliver the rover again to existence has failed. NASA scientists had been hoping …

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Some Birds Are Excellent Tool-Makers

Taking part in Motion Video Video games Might Be Dangerous For Your Mind, Find out about Reveals

brindafella writes: Veterinary scientists from Viena have proven that Goffin’s cockatoos can do a very good process of remaking cardboard into tools to get rewards. This follows on from previous experiments with the New Caledonian crow that may make a selection equipment for its functions. So, birds are undoubtedly now …

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Facebook Filed a Patent To Predict Your Household’s Demographics Based On Family Photos

Toyota Patents Cloaking Instrument To Make Automobile Pillars Seem Clear

An nameless reader quotes a document from BuzzFeed News: Facebook has submitted a patent utility for generation that would predict who your family and other household members are, in response to pictures and captions posted to Facebook, in addition to your instrument data, like shared IP addresses. The application, titled …

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