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ETC 51% attacker returns funds amid abnormal transaction fees

ETC 51% attacker returns funds amid abnormal transaction fees

The 51% assault itself is the least bizarre factor to occur to Ethereum Classic within the closing week. Gate.io has introduced that the 51% attacker has returned $100,000 in stolen ETC. The Ethereum Classic community is experiencing wildly increased transaction fees. Evidence means that the attacker could be laundering stolen …

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Here’s how North Korea uses cryptocurrency to evade sanctions

Cryptocurrency and blockchain occasions: 17 to 23 September

North Korea has a little bit extra scope and want than the on a regular basis darkish internet store. Washington-based Lourdes Miranda and Ross Delston lately submitted to the Asia Times a joint rationalization of how precisely North Korea (DPRK) is the use of cryptocurrency to launder finances. Miranda is …

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Bitcoin trader arrested for failure to practise security theatre

Cryptocurrency regulation needs to add value to succeed

The trader allegedly used bitcoin to launder cash, with no license to write it off as an coincidence. OPINION “Security Theatre: The observe of making an investment in countermeasures meant to give you the feeling of stepped forward security whilst doing little or not anything to succeed in it.” 21 …

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Transatlantic crypto money-laundering scheme a sign of the times

Civic (CVC) up 40% as cryptocurrency regulations move forward

Multinational cryptocurrency smurfing appears to be a enlargement business. A joint effort between Europol, the Spanish Guardia Civil and the National Police of Colombia has ended a transatlantic cash laundering operation and ended in 23 arrests, most commonly nationals of Spain, Colombia and Venezuela. According to Europol, the operation spanned …

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Multinational J5 crypto tax fraud, money laundering team created

What you need to know today

As in, an anti crypto tax fraud and money laundering team In an effort to crackdown on world money laundering, tax evasion and organised cybercrime, the United States’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has spearheaded the advent of a multinational company to handle the issue. Called “J5,” the coalition contains executive …

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Cryptocurrency KYC/AML is successfully keeping dirty money out

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency roundup: 2 March 2018

Converting dirty crypto to filthy fiat has develop into a dangerous step for criminals to take. Dark internet purveyors had been fast to embody bitcoin as a semi-anonymous medium of switch, which has given cryptocurrency a reasonably shady legacy that’s been hard to shake, and indubitably is not helped by …

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Privacy cryptocurrency among “greatest national security threats” Secret Service says

Ethereum sharding plans explained | finder.com.au

The international is coming nearer to the sharp finish of the inevitable privateness coin debate. Privacy targeted cryptocurrencies and government have been on a collision course for a while, and crunch time seems to be drawing near. Japan’s monetary provider authority recently declared all anonymity coins to be illegal, and …

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Tether’s latest fake audit has made things much worse

CFTC: Hedge funds overwhelmingly going long on bitcoin futures

Tether is readily going from shady to suspicious to poisonous. Tether has been beneath widespread accusations of being party to the price manipulation endemic to cryptocurrency, and no longer if truth be told having the budget to again up its Tether issuances. It took a stab at addressing those issues …

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Visa CFO: Cryptocurrency speculators are “clueless” and “crooked”

Why won't Coinbase list Ripple? Because they're competitors

Cryptocurrencies are slicing into the multi-billion buck pay as you go playing cards for criminals trade. In an interview with the Financial Times, Visa CFO Vasant Prabhu made his opinion on cryptocurrencies, and those that get entangled with them, very transparent. He described his encounters with cryptocurrency speculators as “a …

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Why banks are running towards the blockchain

ASX to replace ageing settlements system with blockchain technology

Blockchain techniques are a dream come true for banks, and lots of of them realize it. Banks will inevitably be the use of blockchain generation in the long run, says Kyckr CEO David Cassidy. In reality, they are already. Blockchain answers are simply one in all the id verification answers …

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