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Insider: India crypto ban transitority, until classified as commodity

US regulators: Cryptocurrency's "a new chapter of economic history"

Regulated virtual commodities, now not cryptographic currencies. “I don’t think anyone is really thinking of banning it [cryptocurrencies] altogether,” said a senior Indian executive authentic to Quartz, reportedly. “The issue here is about regulating the trade and we need to know where the money is coming from. Allowing it as …

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Cryptocurrency KYC/AML is successfully keeping dirty money out

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency roundup: 2 March 2018

Converting dirty crypto to filthy fiat has develop into a dangerous step for criminals to take. Dark internet purveyors had been fast to embody bitcoin as a semi-anonymous medium of switch, which has given cryptocurrency a reasonably shady legacy that’s been hard to shake, and indubitably is not helped by …

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Peer to peer bitcoin trading is growing where exchanges aren’t

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency round-up: 5 February 2018

Bitcoin turns out to be being used for its meant goal, albeit on a somewhat small scale. LocalBitcoins began in 2011 with an funding of only a few thousand greenbacks. These days it’s making $27 million a year through serving its hundreds of thousands of consumers. Not dangerous for a …

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