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Boston Dynamics robot dog opens door and holds it open for robot with no arms

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog can now open doorways.

The corporate has posted a brand new video that presentations SpotMini, a small, four-legged robot, method a closed door, twist its deal with, pull it open and cling it there to permit every other robot thru.

It then follows proper at the back of, and the door swings close at the back of them.

The dog-like robot pulls off the trick the usage of an arm that stands proud of its head.

It’s an outstanding feat and the video has, unsurprisingly, sparked discussions about how complex robots are turning into, and raised considerations about what the long run may cling for people. 

SpotMini, the quietest robot Boston Dynamics has constructed, is also capable of handling objects, climbing stairs and doing the washing up.

It weighs 30kg with its arm hooked up, can elevate 14kg of weight. 

It additionally comes provided with stereo cameras, intensity cameras and place/drive sensors in its limbs, which “help with navigation and mobile manipulation”.

The door video is the newest in a protracted line of viral clips created and launched by way of Boston Dynamics.

In November, it posted footage of Atlas, its humanoid robot, executing a perfect backflip and landing securely on its feet

However, as the general a part of that video presentations, it can’t at all times pull the transfer off effectively.

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