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Board declines to seek legal action against ex-Unified fire chief

SALT LAKE CITY — While noting that he “clearly abused” his position as CEO of the Unified Fire Authority, the authority’s board of administrators introduced Tuesday it is going to no longer pursue legal action against former Chief Michael Jensen.

“We have determined that the cost to recover the misappropriated funds would be an additional cost to the public’s money with small chance of success as reflected by the attorney general’s decision to not prosecute. Due to this, legal action will not be pursued,” the board mentioned in a ready observation.

The choice no longer to pursue civil action follows a 196-page document issued earlier this year via the Utah Attorney General’s Office that concluded Jensen and his former deputy, Gaylord Scott, used taxpayer cash for “exorbitant bonuses,” compensation for private holidays hooked up to reputable go back and forth, dear foods, and spent 1000’s on iPads, Apple watches, Nikon cameras and iMacs, all totaling no less than $370,000.

But prosecutors declined to report legal fees, bringing up an unlikelihood of conviction at trial.

On Tuesday, the board emphasised once more that Jensen “took advantage” of his place as CEO of the board, and “used his position as UFA chief, as well as other political positions he held, including being a member of the Salt Lake County Council, to manipulate the UFA/UFSA boards for personal gain. We believe that had he not held those other positions, he never would have been appointed as fire chief.”

But bringing up “a failure” with previous legal recommend and the parting settlement the board already made with Jensen, board individuals mentioned they’re going to no longer pursue legal action.

“The board of directors takes responsibility for the poor choice in hiring and continuing to employ Jensen as the fire chief and for the loss of public funds that occurred as a result of his hiring,” the observation says.

“We have taken steps to ensure this never happens again.”

Both Jensen and Scott resigned from the Unified Fire Authority. Jensen is a Salt Lake County councilman and a member of the Utah Inland Port Authority Board, in spite of requires his resignation.

Board declines to seek legal action against ex-Unified fire chief


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